Functional imagery training

PhD title: Implementation of Functional Imagery Training into primary care

Supervisors: Professor Jackie Andrade, Dr Tracey Parkin, Dr Linda Solbrig, Dr Ben Whalley

This report is independent research funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research Applied Research Collaboration South West Peninsula.


Functional Imagery Training (FIT) is an intervention that trains patients to use imagery to support long term goal attainment. It has been used with many patient populations, however this PhD is focusing on weight management.

One of the aims of the project is to explore the implementation process of transferring research into practice, specifically working with the NHS. As part of this process we are hoping to implement aspects of Functional imagery Training (FIT) into NHS dietetics services over the next 12 months and then follow this up with a larger scale, multi-centre RCT. The project will be exploring all aspects of the implementation process from finding suitable services to training staff to then supporting the use of their new skills in practice; drawing upon research and the theoretical underpinnings of implementation science to ensure the normalisation and longevity of using FIT in practice.

As part of the implementation process this project will be looking at building the evidence base for FIT by collecting data on remote accessed group-based FIT. This will be an online study looking how FIT supports weight loss, perceived health and quality of life, maintained weight loss and how FIT compares to treatment as usual for patients who are overweight. This data will allow us to develop the use of FIT with this patient group and also allow us to explore the use of online interventions for weight loss.

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