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Talks, reports, news

"Digital perils and risks at sea" The Insurance Insitute of London (Old Library, Lloyd's) 04 February 2020.

Professor Kevin Jones, Executive Dean Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Plymouth "Cyber-SHIP: Developing Next Generation Maritime Cyber Research Capabilities" Artificial Intelligence in the Marine and Maritime Environment (IMO event)

Tam K, 6th Annual Industrial Control Cybersecurity Europe, London October 2019, panel.

Kevin D Jones "Maritime Cyber Threats". NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre (NMIOTC) June 2015

Forshaw, K. SmartShip Exchange Athens, 9–11 October 2019

Jones, K, Norshipping: Safety at sea cyber security roundtable, 5 June 2019 Oslo [IHS Markit link]

Papadaki M.“Cyber Defence against Hybrid Threats in Maritime Domain”, invited presentation at Maritime Security Regimes Roundtable (MSR RT 2019) on improving Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA), Combined Joint Operations from the Sea (CJOS) 30 April–1 May 2019.

Tom Crichton, Maritime Cyber Presentation at the International Dry Bulk Terminals Group, Barcelona 10–12 April

Presented at the UK embassy in Athens Greece on maritime cyber-security [Hellenic Shipping News link] March 2019

The Minister for the Cabinet Office, the Rt Hon David Lidington CBE MP, visited the University to see marine and maritime excellence in action

Cyber-podcast by the Honourable Company of Master Mariners (HCMM) [link not yet available]

MARITIME INFORMATION WARFARE 26 November 2018 London United Kingdom

Cyber Security October 2018 – the Fairplay survey results and what they mean for shipping [webinar] and IHS Safety at Sea Magazine 'Detecting The Risks' November 2018

Maritime Cyber Threats and Awareness Symposium, CyMar London 2 November 2018

Identifying Cyber-Threats, Devonport Naval Base Engineering & Science Forum, June 2018

Marine Tech Expo "Maritime Cyber Risk" 21 June 2018

Maritime Cyber Threats and Awareness Symposium, CyMar' 1 June 2018 Plymouth

Presentation to South West Company of Master Mariners, “Big Ships, Big Data and Big Risks” – A Beginners Guide to Maritime CyberSecurity. 25 May 2018.

Future Cities London Forum: Maritime cyber-attack will cost our cities, October 2017

Jones K, Tam K. UK Security Expo 2017, Maritime & Transport security Conference. November 2017

Tam K, Jones K. Maritime Cyber Risk: Model-Based Assessments for the Global Fleet, at MRS 2017, US Merchant Marine Academy, and Rutgers. November 2017

Karamperidis, S., 2017. Comparative study between physical and cyber-crime in shipping sector. Report was produced for Supply Chain Risk Industry Partnership, October 2017.

Kevin D Jones "Maritime Cyber Threats: 'The State of the Nation'". NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre (NMIOTC) October 

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