eXXpedition Round the World is a pioneering all-female sailing voyage and scientific research mission to circumnavigate the globe via four ocean Gyres and the Arctic.

The University of Plymouth leads the scientific programme, researching plastic pollution in our global ocean. During the 38,000 nautical mile voyage, environmental sampling will enable assessment of the spatial distribution of plastic pollution and identification of hotspots. The project also works with different stakeholders to develop knowledge and effective, evidence-based solutions and alternatives. 

The information gathered from our global research program will provide a better understanding of the issue of plastic pollution and effective land-based solutions to prevent plastics from entering the marine environment.


  • Provide quantifiable evidence of plastic pollution in different environmental ‘reservoirs’ globally
  • Collect community-level data to assess mismanaged waste and waste infrastructure. 
  • Working with varied stakeholder, including industry and policy makers, to deliver evidence to inform effective solutions and alternatives