Dr Souran Chatterjee

Dr Souran Chatterjee

Lecturer in Energy Transitions -Environmental Management & Sustainability

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)



Lecturer in Energy transition 



PhD in Environmental Sciences and Policy (Suma cum laude), Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Master of Science in Economics (First class), University of Calcutta, India
Bachelor of Science in Economics (Honors), University of Calcutta, India
Postdoctoral fellow (2020-2022) - Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
Visiting faculty (2019), Global Change Programme, Jadavpur University,India
Assistant Professor (2019), Department of Environmental Science, Asian University of Women, Bangladesh
Economist (2015-2018) at Advanced building and urban design(ABUD),Hungary
Project manager (2013-2015) at IMRB international (International Business Unit),India
Intern (2012) at WWF-India

Roles on external bodies

  •  Session Chair of “Carbon neutral building’ at Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMPE) annual conference 2021
  • Reviewer of EMP-E annual conference
  • Review Board Expert for Impact Assessment Study- BPIE (2018- 2019)
  • Reviewer IPCC city and climate change conference (2018)
  • Reviewer of several high-impact academic journals
  • Reviewer of ECEEE conference (2017,2021)


Teaching interests

·         Energy and sustainability
·         Social science research methods
·         Health Economics
·         Air pollution assessment methods
·         Energy Economics
·         Assessment of SDG 
·         Health and environmental impact assessment
·         Air pollution assessment 


Research interests

  •  Energy demand modelling 
  • Modelling socio-economic impacts and sustainable development goals (SDG)
  • Energy transition towards net-zero energy system, and economy 

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

  • Supervised one senior thesis (B.SC) in Environmental Science (Asian University for Women, 2019) 

Grants & contracts

Research projects: 1. The Sustainable Energy Transitions Laboratory (SENTINEL), Funding body: European Commission Horizon 2020 – Research & Innovation Programme Time: 2019-2022, Website: https://sentinel.energy/
2. Energy Demand changes Induced by Technological and Social innovations (EDITS) network Funding body: Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI), Japan. Time: 2021-2025 Website: https://iiasa.ac.at/web/home/research/researchPrograms/Energy/Research/EDITS/EDITS.html 
3. Feasibility study for a certified plus-energy-district-renovation of the listed Otto-Wagner-Area Funding body: Austria Research Promotion Agency Time: 2019-2020 Website: https://envsci.ceu.edu/projects/otto-wagner-areal-plus 
4. ENGAGER- Right to energy Funding body: European Co-operation in Science and Technology (COST) scheme Time: 2020-2021 Website: http://www.engager-energy.net/aims-and-objectives/ 
5. Sustainable Urban Pollution Management and Associated Socio-Economic Impact: A Study of Kolkata Megacity Funding body: Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA 2.0) 2019-20, India Time: 2019-2020 
6. Calculating and Operationalising the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency in Europe project Funding body: European Commission Horizon 2020 – Research & Innovation Programme Time: 2015-2018 Website: https://combi-project.eu/ 
7. Indian public Debt instruments Time: 2012 
8. Qatar transport solution Time: 2012 


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Conference Papers
1. Chatterjee,S. et al. (2021). Context matters: a study of multiple impacts of energy efficiency measures in the EU-27 and South Asia. ECEEE summer study proceedings. 2. Thema, J., Suerkemper, F., Thomas, S., Teubler, J., Couder, J., Chatterjee, S., ... & von Below, D. (2019).The relevance of multiple impacts of energy efficiency in policy-making and evaluation. ECEEE summer study proceedings.

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Reports & invited lectures

  •  Invited to deliver the key note lecture by the World Bank, at the World Bank Technical Deep Dive (TDD) on Low Carbon Cities programme (2022) 
  •  Invited lecturer on "Introduction to Health Economics" at East Delta University, Bangladesh, 2021 
  •  Peer-teacher: taught different models of teaching as a part of the CTL Program curriculum, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary- 2015 
  • Invited speaker, climate change and role of youth, Infinity, India - 2014 
  • Invited speaker, economics of waste management, Bidhannagar college,India-2012 

Other academic activities

Awards and fellowship received

·         Associate Fellow (AFHEA) In recognition of attainment against the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education (2024).
·         Austrian State Prize in 2021 under the “Research and Innovation” category for the project Otto Wagner Areal Plus
·         Recipient of Global Teaching Fellowship (2018), Central European University, Hungary
·         Awarded Advanced Doctoral Students Award for outstanding student research by Central European University in 2018
·         Represented India in the Asia-Pacific Graduates’, Nepal organized by ICIMOD and SEN, on the topic of green economy in 2012
·         Selected in the Tunza Conference, Indonesia organized by UNEP as an Indian youth delegate to speak about climate change in 2011
·         Selected as an International Climate Champion by British Council for the project on economics of waste management in 2010