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Sustainability research positively impacting our future

We're a leading, award-winning University for sustainability, and carry out research into some of the most pressing 21st century sustainability challenges. We work with local, regional, national and international partners across a range of complex issues, applying our research to help mitigate challenges and develop solutions.
Below is a selection of evidence summaries and impact case-studies that provide the most up-to-date research evidence on key topics including carbon reduction, environmental quality, soil health and sustainable communities. 
Sustainable earth institute Impact

Opportunities for researchers to shape UK net zero policy

The Sustainable Earth Institute commissioned Regen to provide a series of four briefings covering opportunities to shape UK net zero policy across electricity, transport, heat and buildings, and carbon offsetting. The briefings provide an overview of the four key areas relevant to the Institute’s research expertise, the current government direction, and areas where academic research could be used to influence policy development.
Access the policy briefings (internal access only)
If you are not a University of Plymouth staff or student, please enquire about the briefings by emailing
Regen briefings