Children writing in the park - PIoE 
The inclusion research node of the Plymouth Institute of Education focuses on inclusion in a wide range of contexts, both formal and informal, concerned with learning, development and well-being. 
We adopt a broad understanding of the concept of inclusion covering considerations of disadvantage, marginalisation and disaffection, promotion of genuine participation in social practices, as well as educational provision for children and young people with special educational needs. We seek to carry out research which enables learners, parents, caregivers within and beyond such settings to share their experiences; we aim to work respectfully with and for learners who might be constructed as ‘deficient’, ‘different’ or ‘other’. This includes adopting participatory and emancipatory approaches, as well as work to support the collection of data to inform policy and practice. 
Members are also interested in what it means to be a professional working towards inclusion in educational and community settings for children, young people and adults, and how to support the development of critical, research-informed practice. The researchers within this node come from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, including philosophy, sociology and psychology, and often engage in interdisciplinary work. 
Research contacts: Dr Jan Georgeson and Dr Becky Stancer.