Ms Helen Bowstead

Ms Helen Bowstead

Lecturer in English as a Foreign Language

English Language Centre (Academic Partnerships)

EFL lecturer / Learning developer / TEL facilitator/Writing Cafe Coordinator


MA Education
PGCE (Post-compulsory Education and Training)
PgCTEAP (Teaching English for Academic Purposes)
Professional Certificate TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
Advanced Certificate TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
BA Hons Communication Studies

Professional membership

HEA Fellow

Teaching interests

Developing writing confidence and 'fluency'.

Staff serving as external examiners

University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN)

Research interests

Narrative approaches to educational research. Auto/ethnography. Writing as a method of inquiry.

Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

Bowstead H 2020 'Doctoral Thesis as Entangled Becomings: moments that tremble with potential' International Review of Qualitative Research 0, (0) 0-0 Publisher Site , DOI Open access
Gale K & Bowstead H 2013 'Deleuze and collaborative writing as method of inquiry' Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education (6)
Bowstead HE 2011 'Coming to writing' Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education. (3) Publisher Site
Bowstead HE 2009 'Teaching English as a foreign language – a personal exploration of language, alienation and academic literacy' Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education (1) Publisher Site
Bowstead H 2014 'Telling Stories: Investigating The Challenges To International Students’ Writing Through Personal Narrative' in Lillis T; Harrington K; Lea M Working With Academic Literacies: Case Studies Towards Transformative Practice. The WAC Clearinghouse and Parlor Press
Bowstead HE 2011 'Devenir ecrivain(e) - Narrative writing as a research practice' in Mansfield C; Seligman S Narrative and the Built Heritage VDM Verlag
Conference Papers
Bowstead HE 2016 'Space Pirates of the Ocean City' Writing Development in Higher Education Plymouth University 6-/-0/20166-/-0/2016
Bowstead H & Pritchard C 2014 'Space Pirates of the Ocean City' Higher Education Academy conference: Heroes and monsters: extra-ordinary tales of learning and teaching in the arts and humanities The Lowry, Salford Quays, Manchester 6-/-0/20146-/-0/2014
Bowstead H & Pritchard C 2014 'A tent for the ‘nomad’: Welcome to the Writing Café’' Learning Development Spaces and Places University of Huddersfield 4-/-0/20144-/-0/2014
Bowstead H, Eades S & McMahon P 2014 'Successfully designing assessments across in-sessional modules in English for Academic/English for Specific Purposes' Internationalisation and the Student Experience Conference University of Plymouth 2-/-1/20132-/-1/2013
Bowstead HE 2013 'Telling stories, breaking down barriers - the power of personal narrative to trouble notions of the 'other'' Discourse, Power Resistance Conference 13 University of Greenwich 4-/-0/20134-/-0/2013
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Bowstead HE 2011 'The importance of international students' life stories in breaking down barriers' Higher Education Academy: Teaching international students workshop. King's College London 2-/-0/20112-/-0/2011
Bowstead HE 2010 'Coming to writing: developing the confidence to transgress academic boundaries' Writing Development in Higher Education Conference - Sustainable writing development: approaches and challenges. Royal College of Physicians 6-/-0/20106-/-0/2010
Bowstead HE & McMahon P 2010 'Creating a Webfolio: Trainee teachers engage with PebblePad' 5th Plymouth University e-conference. University of Plymouth 4-/-0/20104-/-0/2010
Bowstead HE 2010 'Collaborative Writing: Transgressing the academic divide' 7th ALDinHE Conference Nottingham Trent University 3-/-0/20103-/-0/2010
Bowstead H 'Researching without method' European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry: Qualitative Inquiry as Activism Open access
Bowstead H Bowstead H 'The trouble with sustainability education … Challenging Western-centric discourses in sustainability education' Open access

Conferences organised

Writing Development in Higher Education 16th International Conference. Plymouth University 27 - 29 June 2016.