Dr Suanne Gibson

Dr Suanne Gibson

Associate Professor in Education

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts and Humanities)


Programme Director for the BA Education Studies Course.

This role entails:

• Teaching across all years of the programme and also supervising PhD students.

• I am currently carrying out research into ‘Disability and Inclusion’ and ‘Higher Education learning experiences’.

• In my managerial role I organise and facilitate subject team and student rep meetings, extern examiner liaison meetings, carry out the annual programme review, support as mentor for new colleagues, review programme and management of paperwork necessary for QAA, manage new module proposals and subsequent revision of degree programme handbook, induction of new students, interviews with prospective students, assessment of UCAS and direct entrant applications, faculty open days and applicant days.

• Working with contacts external to Plymouth University- aranging guest lectures/seminars with students and staff

Executive committee member of British Educational Studies http://educationstudies.org.uk/

2011               Winner of UPSU Outstanding Personal Tutor Award

2012              Awarded HEA National Teaching Fellowship

2013              Involved in collective to develop UK Undergraduate Journal for Education Studies- http://educationstudies.org.uk/journal/transformations/

2013              Awarded HEA International Scholarship

2013              Referee for International Journal of Inclusive Education

2013              Founder and co-ordinator of PEDRIO themed group- Critically Inclusive Pedagogies

2013             Nominated and Finalist in Plymouth University’s Vice-Chancellor’s Enterprise Awards

2014             FRSA


Academic and Professional Qualifications:

1995 BA (2.1Hons) Politics Queen’s University

1996 MPhil Russian and East European Studies Glasgow University

1998 PGCE History and Special Education Oxford University

2001 PhD Education management of Inclusive Education Oxford Brookes

Roles on external bodies

Executive member British Education Studies Association

Editorial Board for international journal: Teaching in Higher Education

Referee:International Journal of InclusiveEducation

International Journal of Disability, Development andEducation 

Teaching interests

I currently teach across all years on the BA EDST programme. My specialism is in questions of 'Disability and Inclusion' and  social justice. 

Research interests


Research interests in the fields of:

• Inclusive education theories, practices and policy- I have published with Sage/Paul Chapman, Learning Matters, Continuum, the international academic journals-Disability and Society, International Journal of Inclusive Education, Support for Learning and Journal of Further and Higher Education.

Grants & contracts


HEA- ESCalate

Research Project: Exploring the pedagogy of group work at HE level 1


Teaching Fellowship

Plymouth University

Research Project: A critical study of current practices in undergraduate group work, its role in the development of graduate attributes and skills (GAS) and the management of conflict


Teaching Fellowship

Plymouth University

Research project: An emerging voice: students’ experience of writing for publication in Education Studies



HEA- ESCalate

Research project with John Moore’s University Liverpool:

Exploring transitions and questions of ‘Access’ to Higher Education for students with identified disabilities.

Evaluating the efficacy of RIO projects


Teaching Fellowship

Plymouth University

Participatory Partnerships in Education



Awarded HEA National

Teaching Fellowship




Awarded HEA

International Scholarship



Developing a critically inclusive pedagogy of relationship for the retention and success of ‘non-traditional’ students or ‘students at risk of exclusion’.



Awarded PedRIO

research fellowship

‘Becoming Student’- partnerships and voices. Developing a ‘relationships for academic success and transformation’ model.

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Additional information

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Managing Special Educational Needs (SEN) In the Mainstream School. The Role of the SEN Team.

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Student experiences of working in groups at undergraduate level. “Its just a load of GAS

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Working with the contemporary undergraduate, group work and G.A.S

2006 Discourse Power and Resistance conference-- Manchester Metropolitan University. Engaging professionally with the unexpected in learning (Paper presented by Dr Tony Brown ESCALATE with Suanne Gibson as co-contributor)

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2010   12thAnnual International Conference on Education-- Athens Institute forEducation and Research (ATINER), Exploringtransitions and questions of ‘Access’ to Higher Education for students withidentified Disabilities

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‘access’ and matters of the socio-cultural for students with identified

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Student voices: considerations and expressions of Education Studiesfinal year research projects; from the horse’s mouth!’

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2015 BESAconference- Exploring and engaging with the failings of ‘Inclusion in HigherEducation’. Is a post-rights inclusive future possible?- Cardiff Met University

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2015 BERA conference- Symposium- Diversity'in Higher Education and inclusive learning futures