Dr Elizabeth Done

Dr Elizabeth Done

Lecturer in Education (Special Educational Needs)

Plymouth Institute of Education (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

2019 – date. Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter. Research Fellow. Co-investigator in jointly led (University of Plymouth) multi-strand research project on ‘off rolling’; research design; supporting design of data collection instruments; related publications; project development.

2013 – date. Plymouth University, SEN Coordination Programme. Lecturer (Associate Lecturer 2013-8). Providing SENCo programme-wide support; tutoring / teaching groups within the SWC; assessment. Lecturing, tutoring and assessment on a MA in Education programme. Doctoral supervision (inclusion-related).

2012-15 Visiting fellow. Graduate School of Education, Bristol University, Bristol, U.K. 

2009 – 2011 Ahfad University for Women (Sudan). Professor in School of Psychology teaching MSc students. Contribution to Staff Development Unit (workshops and materials). Proposal writing (e.g. design of doctoral qualitative research methods programme for the Gender Unit).  

1983: London School of Economics. B.Sc. Hons. Sociology 2:1 (Including Sociological Theory, Research Methodology with Statistics, Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Sociology of Deviance, Gender Studies)



B.Sc. Sociology (1983) London School of Economics and Political Science

PhD. Education (2011) University of Plymouth

Professional membership

Higher Education Academy Associate Membership

Roles on external bodies

Reviewer for: British Educational Research Journal, Journal of Education Policy; Gender & Education; Studies in Higher Education; Reflective Practice; International Journal of Research Development; Critical Education Studies.  

Teaching interests

Research methods (predominantly qualitative, including development of innovative methodologies; post-structuralist).

Student writing.

The politics of inclusion.

Theory-based analysis of inclusion policy and its implications for teachers in varied settings. 

Post-structuralist and feminist post-structuralist theory. 

Pedagogic theory in the context of competing discourses around education. 

Research interests

Leading parent and SENCo strands of a multi-strand collaborative research project (Plymouth Institute of Education / Graduate School of Education, Exeter). 

Theory-driven research into government policy around inclusion and its implications for teachers (with reference to key concepts in the inclusive education literature). 

The post-graduate student experience. 

Academic writing practices. 


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Conference Papers

UNICEF / Turkish Ministry of Education International Conference of Inclusive Early Childhood Education for Children with Disabilities, keynote speaker, 4th March, Ankara, Turkey.

University of Plymouth Annual PedRio Unit Conferences; April 2019, November 2018; presentations on supporting part-time mature student writing and pedagogy for empowerment.