Our people

Academic staff

Postgraduate research students

  • ​Mr Grant Cole - ​Combined salt and extensional tectonic controls on facies distribution in the Early Cretaceous of the Maestrat Basin, Spain
  • Ms ​​Camille Dusseaux ​- Stable Isotope palaeoaltimetry reconstruction of the Variscan belt of Western Europe
  • Mr Killian Eichenseer - Environmental and Ecological Drivers of the Phanerozoic Evolution of Skeletal Composition in Marine Invertebrates
  • ​Mr Isreal Etobro - Geology of the ​Benin Basin (offshore), West African Margin (WAM).
  • ​Ms Johanna Ickert - ​How geoscientists communicate geoscience
  • Mr Joshua Jones - Landsliding in Nepal: exploring the role of earthquakes, rivers and roads
  • ​Ms Louise Koornneef - ​The sheeted dyke-gabbro transition zone: the key to unravelling the palaeomagnetic record of the Oman ophiolite
  • Ms Lara Mani​ - 3D visualisation of volcanic hazards ​
  • ​Mr Christian Marien - ​From mantle to ore: Constraining the geological processes that build a major REE-deposit
  • Ms Francesca Prando - Brittle-viscous deformation cycles in quartz veins at the base of the seismogenic zone
  • ​Mr Wycliff Tupiti - ​A new look at the critical material potential of polymetallic nodules using advanced imaging techniques
  • Ms Madeleine Vickers​ - High latitude climate during the Cretaceous ​
  • Mr Jesse Zondervan - Tectonic and climatic controls on Quaternary fluvial landscape development in NW Africa

CRES PhD graduates

Name Year Graduate Employment

Dr Giuila Degli Alessandrini 2018 The Open University

Dr Hazel Gibson   2017 University of Plymouth 

Dr Saleh Al Enezi  2016 Saudi Aramco

Dr Matthew Meyer  2016 University of Plymouth
Dr Emiko Kent 2016 Royal Mail
Dr Mohammed Chaanda 
2016 Unknown
Dr Michael Whitworth 2015
Dr William Foster
2015 University of Texas at Austin
Dr Waleed Hamed 2015 Unknown
Dr Ahmed Fatih Omer
2014 Technical Institute of Kirkuk (Iraq)
Dr Nikita Jacobsen
2014 Unknown
Dr Chinwendu Elenwa 2014 Unknown
Dr Hayley Manners
2014 Southampton University
Dr Andrew Leighton
2013 Statoil
Dr Samantha Ilott 2013 Heriot-Watt University
Dr Martha Koot
2013 University of Exeter
Dr Deborah Wall-Palmer 2012 University of Plymouth
Dr L. Felipe Opazo Mella 2012 Sernageomin, Santiago, Chile
Dr Emhemed Alfandi
2012 University 7th April, Zawiya, Libya
Dr Muhammad Hanif 2011 NCEG University of Peshawar Pakistan
Dr Sara Hayes 2011 Unknown
Dr Melanie Bugler 2011 Serco
Dr Katherine Donovan 2010 Catholic Overseas Development Agency (CAFOD)
Dr Timothy Kearsey  2009 British Geological Survey
Dr Ben Dashwood  2007 Scott Wilson Group
Dr Elizabeth Nunn 
2007 Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz 
Dr Claire Foster 2007 British Geological Survey
Dr Jodie Fisher 2006 University of Plymouth
Dr Jennifer Inwood 
2006 University of Leicester