Dr Sarah Boulton

Dr Sarah Boulton

Associate Professor in Active Neotectonics

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


I teach on the following modules:

GEOL1001 - Dynamic Earth

GEOL3005 - Tectonics

Additionally I am the module leader for (and teach on):

GEOL2003 - Geospatial Techniques

GEOL3006 - Geological Remote Sensing and GIS

In addition to these modules, I am involved in fieldwork, including this year:

GEOL2010 - Pembroke
GEOL2003 - Mapping training, Ainsa, Spainish Pyrenees
GEOL3001 - Undergraduate Mapping Project currently Haute Provence, France


01/08/2018 to present: Associate Professor of Active and Neotectonics, University of Plymouth

01/01/2006 to 31/07/2018: Lecturer in Neotectonics, University of Plymouth.

01/10/2007-01/04/2007 - Post-graduate certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (University of Plymouth).

01/10/2002-14/10/2005; Ph.D research at the University of Edinburgh.  Thesis title ' Tectonic-Sedimentary evolution of the Cenozoic Hatay Graben, South Central Turkey'.

Graduated 20/06/2006.

1998-2002; M.Sci Geology - 1st Class (honours) from University College, London.

Professional membership

Fellow of the Geological Society of London
Member of the British Geomorphological Research Group
Member of the American Geophysical Union
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Roles on external bodies

I am the current chair of the South West regional group of the Geological Society.

Research interests

My PhD research focussed on unravelling the tectono-stratigraphic development of the Hatay Graben in southern Turkey, an actively deforming plate boundary zone between the Arabian, African and Anatolian Plates, working in collaboration with Turkish colleagues and my PhD supervisor Prof Alastair Robertson (Edinburgh University).  A multi-disciplinary approach lead to significant contributions including the first models for the tectono-sedimentary evolution of a Neogene Graben in southern Turkey (Boulton et al., 2006; 2007; Boulton & Robertson, 2008) with implications for present day regional plate tectonic configurations as well as the closure of the Neotethys during the Oligocene (Boulton & Robertson, 2007; Boulton, 2009).

One novel aspect of my PhD was understanding the tectonic geomorphology and influence of active faulting on the river long profiles crossing the graben bounding active faults.  This led to the development a new method for calculating fault-slip rate of normal faults based upon river geomorphology (Boulton & Whittaker, 2009).   Subsequently, understanding the role of uplift and active faulting on river systems and how we can extract 'tectonics from topography' has become one of my main research focusses with ongoing projects in Turkey, Morocco, Italy and the Solomon islands. I continue to collobrate with Dr Alex Whittaker (Imperial College London) to understand the tectonic controls on knickzone formation and retreat (e.g., Whittaker & Boulton, 2012).

I am still interested in the Cenozoic (Miocene to present day) tectonics of the Eastern Mediterranean region especially concerning active faulting, palaeoseismology, tsunamis and geoarcheology.  As well as the geodynamic and palaeogeographic evolution of the area and, in particular, the Messinian Salinity Crisis.

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

Dr Emiko Kent (DoS) - The relationship between active faulting and fluvial geomorphology: A case study in the Gediz Graben, Turkey. Completed November 2015.

Dr Emhemed Alfandi (2nd S) – Early Mesozoic stratigraphy, sedimentology and structure of the Gharianarea, north-western Libya.  Completed February 2012. 

Dr Sara Hayes (02/09/2011) - Volcanic Risk Assessments: Integrating Hazard and Social Vulnerability Analysis

Grants & contracts

January 2019 - Awarded in-kind funding of £30,197 by NERC for the use of the Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis Facility for the project “The relationship between slip rate, lithology and denudation in the Gediz Graben, Western Turkey”.

March 2018 - Awarded £1000 from the Geological Society of London (PI) for the project 'The role of lithology on catchment average erosion rates in the Gediz Graben, Turkey'.

October 2017 - Awarded (~ £80,000) a NERC EnvEAST CASE PhD studentship (taken up by Joshua Jones) to investigate the role of earthquake preconditioning on landslide occurrence in the Nepal Himalaya.

February 2017 - Awarded 9 tiles of TanDEM-X data (£900) from the DLR for the project (PI) 'Quaternary landscape development in NW Africa: tectonic and climatic controls on landslide and river terrace development'.

March 2016 – Awarded £25780 for a Leverhulme International Fellowship (PI) ‘Bedrock river erosion in the Temperate Zone’ I will spend 4 months (Nov ’16 – Feb’ 17 in New Zealand).

January 2014 – Awarded £6700 from the Royal Geographical Society for the Thesiger-Oman Fellowship as the PI. Project title ‘Palaeo-elevation and uplift of the Moroccan High Atlas.’

June 2012 - Awarded ~ $3000 to attend and participate in MYRES V: The Sedimentary Record of Landscape Dynamics. Salt Lake City (Utah) 8 - 12th August 2012.

May 2012 - Awarded £5000 from the Marine Institute (Plymouth University) as a co-investigator.  Project title 'Quaternary raised beaches of Devon and Cornwall: new data for an old problem'.  Project leader: Matthew Telfer (Plymouth).

September 2010 - Awarded (~ £50,000) a CRES PhD studentship (taken up by Emiko Kent) to investigate active tectonics and knickzone formation in Western Turkey.

March 2010 - Awarded £650 from the Garwood Fund of the Geological Society of London. 

August 2009 - Awarded £1325 from the Experiential Learning CETL (UoP) to attend a professional development course at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America (Portland, Oregon, 2009).

July 2009 - Awarded €9000 from the DARIUS programme as a co-investigator. Project title 'Transition from passive margin to collision: Tectonic development of the Arabian continental margin in SE Turkey. Project leader: Prof. Alastair Robertson (University of Edinburgh).

1st April 2009 - 1st April 2010 - Awarded £11,193 from the National Geographic as a co-investigator. Project title 'Patterns and rates of uplift driven fluvial incision within the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains of NW Africa'. Project leader: Dr Martin Stokes (University of Plymouth).

May 2008 - Awarded £1400 from the Nuffield Foundation (PI) to employ Stefanie Honeywill for 2 months on the project 'Reconstructions of the Palaeoenvironmental changes over the Miocene-Pliocene boundary in the Hatay Graben, Southern Turkey'.

July 2006 - Awarded £4970 from the Royal Society Research Grants Scheme (PI).  Project title 'Timing and Development of the northern Dead Sea Fault Zone (Karasu Rift), Southern Turkey' .

May 2006 - Awarded £200 from the British Geomorphological Research Group (PI).   Project title ' Tectonic geomorphology in an area of active strike-slip faulting: The Hatay Graben, Turkey' .

Research groups

  • Geodynamics and Palaeomagnetism

Key publications are highlighted

Boulton SJ, VanDeVelde JH & Grimes S 2019 'Palaeoenvironmental and tectonic significance of Miocene lacustrine and palustrine carbonates (Ait Kandoula Formation) in the Ouarzazate Foreland Basin, Morocco' Sedimentary Geology 383, 195-195 Publisher Site , DOI PEARL
Boulton SJ & Stokes M 2018 'Which DEM is best for analyzing fluvial landscape development in mountainous terrains?' Geomorphology 310, 168-187 , DOI PEARL
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Schneiderwind S, Boulton SJ, Papanikolaou I & Reicherter K 2017 'Innovative tidal notch detection using TLS and fuzzy logic: Implications for palaeo-shorelines from compressional (Crete) and extensional (Gulf of Corinth) tectonic settings' Geomorphology 283, 189-200 , DOI PEARL
Kent E, Boulton SJ, Whittaker AC, Stewart IS & Cihat Alçiçek M 2016 'Normal fault growth and linkage in the Gediz (Alaşehir) Graben, Western Turkey, revealed by transient river long-profiles and slope-break knickpoints' Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 42, (5) 836-852 , DOI PEARL
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Conference Papers
Zondervan JR, Stokes M, Boulton SJ, Mather AE & Telfer MW 2018 'Palaeo river long profile reconstruction in a fold-and-thrust belt: river terraces as archives of Quaternary incision and aggradation in the Atlas Mountains' FLAG 2018 Liege, Belgium 03/09/2018 07/09/2018 Publisher Site
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Perez del Postigo Prieto N, Raby A, Boulton SJ & Whittaker C 2018 'Tsunami Generation by Combined Fault Rupture and Landsliding' COASTLAB 2018 Santander 22/05/2018 26/05/2018
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Other academic activities

I am the university representative for the Geological Society, London.

I am the section co-editor for the Paleoseismology section for a new Springer reference work 'Encyclopeadia of Earthquake Engineering' due to be published Winter 2013.

Invited Lectures: 

  • University of Leeds 22/11/2018
  • University of Manchester 31/10/2018
  • Rivers of New Zealand: The interplay between tectonics, lithology and climate. University of Hull 28/02/2018
  • What can fluvial geomorphology tell us about active faulting? Knickpoints from the Mediterranean. University of East Anglia 21/11/2017
  • The interaction between faulting and rivers in the Taupo Rift, NZ: What I did on my sabbatical. University of Plymouth, 27/09/2017
  • What can fluvial geomorphology tell us about active faulting? Victoria University of Wellington, NZ 10/2/17
  • Tectonics from topography: Using river profiles to investigate active faulting.  University of Derby, 15/02/2012 
  • Using fluvial geomorphology to constrain rates of active fault motion – Case studies from the Mediterranean. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 12/11/2010
  • Geology of the Hatay Graben, south central Turkey. University of the 7th of April, Libya 09/11/08
  • Istanbul to Cairo overland: a geological journey. University of Plymouth Geological Society 23/02/07
  • Tectono-sedimentary evolution of the Hatay Graben, south central Turkey.  University of Edinburgh 26/10/2006