Dr Uwe Balthasar

Dr Uwe Balthasar

Lecturer in Palaeontology

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


since 2019: Admissions Tutor for Earth Sciences Degree Programs

since 2014: Lecturer in Palaeontology

07/11 – 08/14  University of Glasgow       Postdoctoral Research Associate

07/09 – 06/11   University of Glasgow       Volkswagen Research Fellow

01/07 – 06/09  University of Uppsala        VR-Research Fellow

04/06 – 12/06   University of Cambridge     Postdoctoral Research Associate


2014    Postgraduate Certificate of Academic Practice; University of Glasgow

2006   Ph.D., University of Cambridge, Department of Earth Sciences 

2001   Diploma in Geology, Philipps Universität Marburg (equivalent of a MSc in Geology)

Roles on external bodies

since 2017: Trustee and full council member of the Palaeontological Association

Teaching interests

I teach palaeontology and geological field skills across all Earth Science degree programmes. 

Module Leader for:

GEOL 1004 (Palaeontology and Stratigraphy)

GEOL 3001 (Geological Mapping Research Project and Professional Skills)

GEOL 3002 (Independent Research Project and Professional Skills)

Contributing to:

GEOL 1005 (Geological Maps and Structural Geology)

GEOL 2001 (Sedimentology and Palaeontology)

GEOL 2006 (Geological Fieldwork)

Research interests

Phanerozoic evolution of aragonite and calcite biomineralisation in the context of ocean chemistry
The dominance of aragonite and calcite has fluctuated throughout the Phanerozoic in inorganic precipitates such as ooids or cements. I am interested in understanding how these changes impacted on the evolution of calcifying organisms. To do this I combine inorganic CaCO3 precipitation experiments designed to better interpret the distribution of non-biogenic aragonite and calcite in the rock record with the careful examination of calcareous fossils of uncertain original mineralogy. Ultimately, this work aims at providing an environmental context in which the evolution of biogenic calcification can be assesed in time and space.

Origins of brachiopods and their evolution of biomineralisation
Brachiopods are one of the first animal phyla to appear in the course of the Cambrian explosion and among the most versatile groups with respect to biomineralisation including groups that evolved the ability to secrete apatite, aragonite, calcite, opaline silica, and possibly even the ability to agglutinate sand grains. All of these different biomineralisation strategies of brachiopods evolved during the Cambrian - Ordovician, whereas no further innovation occured in this respect thoughout the rest of the Phanerozoic. What was driving this burst of innovation in biomineralisation?

Key publications are highlighted

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