Dr Marc Davies

Dr Marc Davies

Senior Technician (Isotope Mass Spectrometry)

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering)


My role is to manage, maintain and develop the isotope mass spectrometry facilities within the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences. This involves supporting research and teaching through technique development and the provision of analytical services for measuring the isotopic composition of a range of environmental samples and other materials. Currently, these facilities are housed in three specialist laboratories:

 The Stable Isotope Laboratory with two isotope ratio mass spectrometers and dedicated elemental analysers, gas preparation modules, and a GC with pyrolysis and combustion oven for compound specific analyses, together with a recirculating chemical work station and microbalance for sample preparation.

The Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometry Laboratory with a thermal ionisation mass spectrometer, and associated sample preparation facilities including two spot welders, a clean air loading station and a degasser.

The Sample Preparation Laboratory Suite comprises a small semi-clean laboratory with a HF rated fume cupboard, and larger general purpose laboratory with a fume cupboard used partly for reagent distillation, a clean air box and weighing station. Together, both laboratories are equipped for sample digestion, micro-distillation and column chemistry.


PhD Isotope Geochemistry, Open University (2008)
Thesis: The Origin and Petrogenesis of the Ethiopian Flood Basalts

PGCE (Geography), London University Institute of Education (1988)

MSc / DIC Mineral Exploration, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London (1986)

BSc (Hons) Geography &Geology (2:1), College of St. Paul and St. Mary, Cheltenham (1984)

Previous Positions

2013 – 2015 Project Officer (RESPIRE), Open University
Multi-proxy reconstruction of global oxygenation through the Cenozoic (56 – 25 Ma). Elemental, and Re-Os isotope analysis, and management and maintenance of NTIMS and associated clean labs

2012 – 2013 Research Technician (Stable Isotopes), Open University
Stable isotope analysis, and maintenance of ultra-clean laboratories and meteorite repository

2011 – 2012 Research Technician (GC/Stable isotopes/AAS), Open University
Analysis of peatland CH4 and NOx emissions using GC, 13C and 18O of foraminifera using IRMS, and biodegradability testing of composted waste using bespoke laboratory methods, AAS and GC

2009 – 2011 PETM Research Technician (NTIMS Manager), Open University
Elemental, and Re-Os and Sr isotope analysis, and management and maintenance of NTIMS and associated clean labs

2007 – 2008 Research Technician (U-Series), Open University
Sample preparation and analysis of uranium isotopes in carbonates using MC-ICPMS

2006 – 2007 Research Technician (Re-Os isotopes), Open University
Elemental, and Re-Os isotope analysis of sediments across the Permo-Triassic Boundary in China

1994 – 2000 Science Co-ordinator, Stourbridge College
Departmental manager for Science, and lecturer in geography and environmental science

1993 – 1994 Lecturer in Geography and Environmental Studies, South Bristol College
Lecturer in environmental issues, housing and urban development (Access)

1991 – 1994 Subject Leader (Geography and Environmental Studies), Soundwell College, Bristol
Lecturer in geography and environmental studies, and manager of related courses

1990 – 1991 Research Technician (Fission Track Analysis), La Trobe/Melbourne University, Australia
Operation, maintenance and development of mineral separation facilities for fission track analysis

1989 – 1990 Research Technician (Fission Track Analysis), University College London
Operation, maintenance and development of mineral separation facilities for fission track analysis

1988 – 1989 Assistant Scientific Officer (Geochemistry), British Geological Survey
Analysis of marine sediments for elemental contents using Arc-OES and Hg and Sb using AAS, and mapping of trace-metal concentrations to identify gold and silver mineralization.

1987 – 1988 Assistant Scientific Officer (Geochemistry), British Geological Survey
Collection, preparation and multi-element analysis of soils, stream sediments and natural waters using titration, fluorimetry, Arc-OES and AAS - compiled in a Geochemical Atlas of the British Isles.

1986 Project Assistant (Lorry Management) Environmental Resources Ltd, London
Preparation of reports and statistical summaries of environmental survey data

Teaching interests

2015 – Pres. Current teaching includes the supervision of MGEOL project work, and training of post graduate and post-doctoral researchers in laboratory techniques and isotopic analysis

2010 Associate Lecturer (Geology), Understanding the Continents (S339), Open University

2003, 04, 07, 08, 10 Senior Tutor (Geology), Mountain Building in Scotland (SXR339), Open University

2001, 02, 09, 11 Senior Tutor (Geology), The Geological History of the British Isles (SXR260), Open University

1994 – 2000 Lecturer in Geography and Environmental Science, A level, IB, Access, GNVQ and BSc foundation), Stourbridge College

1993 – 1994 Lecturer in Environmental Issues, Housing and Urban Development, Access, South Bristol College

1991 – 1994 Lecturer in Geography, Urban Development and Environmental Studies, A level, Access and GCSE), Soundwell College, Bristol

Research interests

My principal research interest is in developing analytical techniques that can be used to explain processes at work in the natural world. In particular, I am intrigued by how chemical signatures in mantle-derived rocks can help us understand what’s going on inside the Earth. To this end my PhD focused on the role of mantle plumes in continental breakup and the formation of large igneous provinces, and the possibility that mantle plumes may be sourced at the core-mantle boundary. I used rhenium-osmium and noble gas isotopes alongside major and trace element analyses to constrain the source and petrogenesis of the Ethiopian flood basalts, which represent the earliest outpourings of Afro-Arabian Large Igneous Province. Further exploration of the relationship between large igneous provinces and environmental change has inspired a shift in the focus of my analysis to the sedimentary record in search of comparable chemical signatures which might clarify the mechanisms that contribute such change. I have since been involved in generating high resolution isotopic data for successions of organic-rich mudrocks and carbonates (including foraminifera, bivalve shells and calcareous sediments) to highlight variations in ocean chemistry that reflect paleoclimatic change coincident with the eruption of large igneous provinces. For this work I have used a range of analytical instruments including XRF, OES and ICPMS for major and trace element concentrations, MC-ICPMS for Re, Mo and U isotopes, TIMS for Os and Sr isotopes, and IRMS for C and O isotopes. For the future, I am keen to develop novel ways of using our recently acquired suite of high precision stable isotope instrumentation here at Plymouth, and to explore collaborations that might benefit from such developments.

Key publications are highlighted


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Dickson, A.J, Cohen, A.S and Davies, M.K (In Press), The osmium isotope signature of Phanerozoic Large Igneous Provinces, In ‘Environmental change and large igneous provinces: the deadly kiss of LIPs’ Ed. Ernst, R, AGU Books

Conference Papers

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