Hand planting trees with technology of renewable resources to reduce pollution ESG icon concept in hand for environmental, social and sustainable business governance.
The Responsible Decision-Making and Leadership (RDML) research initiative aims to explore how to proactively enable leaders and consumers to make more responsible decisions. The initiative understands responsible decision-making as an approach that sees success not as monetary profit only but instead as having a positive impact on people, the planet and profits.  
By facilitating industry collaboration, world-class research and educational activities, the initiative wants to explore critical questions around successful decision-making that create long-term value for society. As such, we are particularly interested in how decision-making – on an individual, corporate and policy level - can become more responsible. This requires two areas of interest. First, it needs to be understood how decisions are made and second, we want to understand how these decisions can be changed. 
We want to bring academics from a number of different backgrounds together to produce data-driven results. We want to explore how departments such as HR, Marketing, Finance, Economics and Strategy need to work collaboratively to achieve decision-making that results in a more sustainable planet. The initiative is particularly interested in the effects of digitalization on responsible decision-making. Digitalization includes digital channels but also other digital innovations. We aim to explore the effects of such innovations on the society and environment. 

Our mission

To advance understanding and to promote the practice of responsible decision-making and leadership in diverse contexts. 
We understand responsible decision-making as an approach that sees effectiveness or success not as monetary profit only but instead as having a positive impact on people,  planet and profits. 
We strive to generate cutting-edge research, develop innovative frameworks, and foster collaboration to empower individuals, organizations, and societies to make informed, accountable, sustainable and leaderful decisions. 

RDML members