Lucy Brailey – BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult Health)

Lucy's journey at the University of Plymouth Exeter School of Nursing.

Lucy Brailey Nursing Exeter 

Name: Lucy Brailey

Course: BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult Health)

Location: The Exeter School of Nursing

"The University of Plymouth has made becoming a nurse possible and for that I am truly grateful."

Lucy's journey

"As a mature student with two children I never thought I would get the opportunity to train as a nurse."

"Sometimes it’s hard trying to commit to an essay or examination while trying to be a ‘perfect mum’. I have had to sacrifice a few things along the way but now I am coming to the end of Year 2, and I am so pleased that I took the chance to change my life."

"I went to university many years ago and it was a very social experience. This time around it means so much. I am fulfilling my dream and I have realised that it is never too late to follow your dream. In one year I will be a nurse, I only wish I had done it 20 years ago."

"The University of Plymouth has made becoming a nurse possible and for that I am truly grateful."

Studying at The Exeter School of Nursing

I have learnt how to find the evidence to ensure best practice and the importance of this. Academic skills can be fun, it is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle, find the evidence and then link it together to create a picture. I love everything about learning clinical skills. Although I have had previous healthcare experience, adult nursing has really tidied up my practice and I have gained a better understanding of the physiological processes behind clinical skills such as assessing neurological observations and monitoring manual blood pressure.

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"If it was not for the Exeter campus I would have not been able to undertake a nursing degree. Family commitments meant commuting to Plymouth was impossible. Instead, I travel just over an hour and have made friends to car share with, so it is totally accessible."

Lucy's placement experience

"Being out on placement is by far the best part of the course. Being able to put the knowledge learnt at University into practice in a real life situation is just incredible. The fact that I am asked to contribute to nursing discussion about patients, and have been since Year 1, makes me feel like a valued member of the nursing team."

"My placements so far have been district nursing, a surgical ward, the intensive care unit, and a medical ward. I am due to start a gynaecology placement soon. My most recent placement was on a cardiology ward where I was able to observe cardioversion on a number of patients. To see a patient being shocked back into cardiac rhythm was astounding. I was able to assist the anaesthetist with the patient’s airways by maintaining a jaw thrust. It still blows my mind just thinking about it."

"Before starting a placement I have always felt nervous to begin with, desperately wanting to make a good impression but aware of my knowledge and skills limitations. However, these placements have enabled me to meet patients from all walks of life. They have taught me to be non-judgemental and how a smile or hand-holding can be enough at times. Placements give you a great overview of working in the healthcare environment."

"Placement has allowed me to grow in confidence as a person and therefore grow as a student nurse. I am excited to qualify and take these skills forward in to my career."

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