Jack Roberts - BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult Health)

Jack's journey at the University of Plymouth Exeter School of Nursing

Jack roberts

Name: Jack Roberts

Course: BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult Health)

Location: The Knowledge Spa, Truro

"I would absolutely, whole-heartedly recommend undertaking the course with the University of Plymouth in Truro! I do not believe that I would be where I am today without the help and support that I have received from everyone from the Knowledge Spa, both student colleagues and staff. The location and multi-faceted use of the Knowledge Spa is second to none in terms of healthcare experience."

Studying at Truro Knowledge Spa

"The Knowledge Spa is a wonderful facility with a bustling atmosphere and community of all different people and professions. The transition between Student Nurse and qualified Nurse can clearly be seen as the facility is often used for qualified staff alongside students; former students of the course can often be seen coming back in their new uniforms and this gives an extra motivation to those studying, allowing for a clear path to be seen from student to qualified professional."

"Studying at the Truro School of Nursing has allowed me to achieve much more than I thought possible at the outset of my nursing journey. Due to the compact nature of the Knowledge Spa facility and the reduced number of students that this can accommodate, each of the academic team is able to get to know the students on a level that may not be expected when one thinks of university style teaching."

The Knowledge Spa

Focus on skills

Physician associates clinical skills

"I cannot count the number of skills that I have gained during this course. From essay writing and study techniques to practical skills such as injections and patient assessment, the course covers a wide range of skills that any prospective healthcare professional may need for their chosen career path.
I have had a variety of placements allocated to me by the university and I believe that this has helped me become a well informed and well-rounded professional, for which I am incredibly grateful. I've had placements in; Community Hospital/Stroke Rehab Ward, Neurology Ward, Acute Care at Home Community Team and more, and I have gained copious amounts of skills both practical and social from each and every one."

"The most profound effect of this course is the increase in confidence in myself and my own abilities that I have gained."

Support at every stage

"During my time with the university, the lecturing staff and clinical mentors that I have worked alongside have been absolutely fantastic! My personal tutor has been a great support and has helped me through some of the toughest times on the course, allowing me to succeed and build on these experiences and push forward to new experiences."

"The nurses and clinical mentors I have worked alongside have been amazing and have shown an immense passion for their work. They have taken me under their wings and have shaped me into the nurse I will become. This did not end with the completion of the placement with which I was with them, I have remained in contact with many of the nurses I have worked with and they have also been on hand when I have needed advice or help whether this be with academic work or more clinical based skills."

"The course itself is well run and well thought out, giving prospective professionals the skills they require when transitioning into practice The course also allows students to apply theory learned within the classroom to be applied to clinical settings when out on placement; the theory may not make full sense at the time of studying, but when out in practice and the theory applied, the understanding of such theory can be increased and retained as a result."

The Knowledge Spa

"Each and every member of the academic team at the Knowledge Spa is a credit to the profession and the support I have received from them over the course of the last three years has been superb, allowing me to get through some of the tougher experiences that can come with being in the healthcare sector."

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