Toyosi Osideinde: a career in finance

Toyosi tells us how his placement in economic psychology helped him realise his passion for finance

"Very few universities provided the option of a placement with my course. That, along with the fact that Plymouth has an amazing night life and culture, made my decision simple."

Toyosi Osideinde

Toyosi Osideinde graduated from BSc (Hons) Psychology with Sociology in 2017 and now works as a Financial Coordinator for the deVere Group in Malta.

This is Toyosi's story

"Though I secured my graduate scheme in March 2017, I decided not to start working straight after graduating. I deferred starting my role until January 2018. 

The gap between graduating and starting work at deVere was spent travelling around Europe. I wanted to get all the travelling out of my system so that I could focus on my career without distractions.

The most exciting thing about deVere is diving into the world of finance. There are a lot of textbooks to read so there’s little sleep involved but I love every second of it. 

I’m working in Malta for the world’s largest independent financial consultancy so I latch on to every opportunity I get to learn from both my seniors and my peers. Not only does the company help me grow in terms of my career but also on a personal level, I have been challenged like never before.

I would definitely recommend undertaking a course with Plymouth. The University offers so many opportunities in terms of charity work, travelling and learning new languages. I wish that I took more time to truly explore them all. The employability service thoroughly helped in ensuring that my CV was of a high standard before I sent it to employers.

Through doing a placement in economic psychology, I was able to realise that finance is where my passion lies. 

In addition, living abroad whilst on placement pushed me to apply for jobs outside the UK."

"The societies that I was a part of, such as the ESN society (Erasmus Student Network), provided me with the adequate skills that I need when I now interact with different types of clients.

In addition, good time management which I needed when trying to juggle my education, social life, charity work and duties as VP of the Erasmus network has also helped me in the real world.

I wouldn’t do anything differently, I am extremely happy with all the decisions that I have made."

Toyosi with ESN

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