Emma Simmons - CCJS Graduate

I chose the University of Plymouth, because I really liked the layout of the course and the opportunities that it provided, such as the pre-join police award which I had not seen at the other universities I had looked at.

I had always been interested in criminology and criminal justice and was hoping that by studying this at university it would allow me to gain more knowledge and information about it. I wanted to learn more, and see what it was like.

I really enjoyed the course, and found it very interesting. The third year was probably my favourite, although it was very stressful I did receive a lot of support from the lecturers.

I would recommend this course. Plymouth is a very lovely city to be in and the University is great. From my experience on my course, I have had a lot of support from lecturers who are all very encouraging and want you to do well, which has made me want to work and do the best that I can. 

Surveillance camera and graffiti (image courtesy of iStock - 000011792920)

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