Kat Milligan – Graduate Profile

Current employer: No Isolation

Current job title: Content Producer

Current location Amsterdam 

What have you been doing since graduating?

After completing my sociology degree I studied a masters at The University of Amsterdam in New Media and Digital Culture. I completed the second year of my BSc studying in Bergen, Norway, and really enjoyed the experience of studying abroad. I really made it my second home there, so when I finished at Plymouth I moved back to Norway, worked over the summer in a bar, before moving to Amsterdam in September 2016. I completed my masters in June and worked in a bar here this summer as well as completing an internship at Red Light Radio where I was studio manager three days a week. I now work for the Norwegian company No Isolation and I continue one night a week with the radio, as I really enjoy it there.

If you were about to begin university again – with the benefit of hindsight – what would you tell yourself to have done differently? 

I changed my mind a lot while I was studying, and without the freedom to do so I would find myself far more limited. I did not – and to some extent still don’t – know what I wanted to do, and I view this positively as it leaves you very open. One thing I would point out to myself is that when you are at university you have more free time than anywhere else, so I think it is so important to make proper use of that freedom, whether that is travelling, playing or chilling.

How were your studies supported? Were there any student support services whilst at the university that enabled you to get to where you are today?

The international academic advisers were extremely useful. They helped to organise my move to Norway for the second year. They also supported me throughout my entire time at Plymouth and even helped me get my results over to Amsterdam when an administrative issue arose. Without the facilities there, I would not have gone to Norway, which turned out to be a very influential decision for me.

What is your favourite memory of studying for your degree at Plymouth?

In third year we went on a field trip to Gambia with sociology, which was pretty cool. I really enjoyed being there and thought it was a really good opportunity. We spent a week exploring. Penny Price (our lecturer), had a lot of connections there from her research, which made it a really wonderful experience as we met a lot of very welcoming and interesting people.

Why would you recommend undertaking a course with Plymouth University?

I think regardless of which University you apply to, the most important thing is to take every opportunity you possibly can. I would recommend Plymouth because it really catered for me as an individual and allowed me to make my own degree path as I wanted it. It is also right on the border of Devon and Cornwall, which in my honest opinion is one of the most beautiful parts of the UK.

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