Charlene McClelland

​I absolutely loved my time at Plymouth and feel I have been able to take away so much from the past four years. I have just got a job working at a specialised clinic for patients suffering from eating disorders. However my long term plans are to gain enough relevant experience to enable me to study for a clinical psychology doctorate and eventually become a clinical psychologist. 
The thing that appealed to me most about the Plymouth degree course was that it offered some amazing opportunities in addition to the general course outline, for example, the chance to study a year overseas or to have a year in industry.

One of the main highlights was receiving the news that I had got my ideal job for my placement year as I had worked really hard on my application and preparing for the interview. 

I spent a year with the child and adolescent mental health services in Plymouth working as an assistant psychologist. Although at times it was challenging I thoroughly enjoyed the year and gained so much invaluable experience. It also confirmed my passion to become a clinical psychologist. 

Another highlight would be getting the opportunity to carry out my dissertation on a topic I had chosen and enjoyed. Being given the responsibility of carrying out a research project which included the collection, analysis, and production of a psychological report felt like a great achievement.

Plymouth itself I loved. As the city is so close to the sea and beaches it felt like I was on holiday a lot of the time when I needed a break from studying. I also loved the fact that everything is within a short walking distance which gives you a real sense of a student community.  

The course has enabled me to gain so many skills and knowledge to allow me to apply it to future job roles. 

I have also met some amazing people along the way and gained some brilliant life experiences. I would not change anything about my time at the University of Plymouth and I would encourage anyone to study there. 

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