Grinagog Festival, 2017: Graduate Jasmine Johnson and her Group SeaGurls Creative lead a procession.

Grinagog Festival, 2017: Graduate Jasmine Johnson and her Group SeaGurls Creative lead a procession.

Current Job Title: Communications Administrator/Theatre Director

Current Employer: Self Employed

Location: Torquay

Year of Graduation: 2016

"If I were to start university again I would not be so hard on myself about my grades. I was working, volunteering, and studying and got out of university alive. Have fun, enjoy it, and take every day as it comes."

Jasmine Johnson

Since graduation

“I grabbed the most opportunities I could, and ran with them...”

I graduated in September 2016 and since then I have been busy. I moved to Torquay in search of work and got a job working for a makeup company. The role is a self-employed one, as I thought that way I could make the most of my time. By day I work in an office, working on graphics and communications for a company, and by night and at weekends, I run my own theatre company which brings events to both kids and adults. I also do the odd bit of tutoring.

A friend and I collaborated to create our own theatre company: ‘SeaGurls Creative’. We’ve gone to many festivals, we run our own events and even do workshops with kids.

We have been around for just over a year and are very excited to expand out of Devon this summer. We scare people at Halloween parties, create a play-in-a-day at festivals and perform them with kids. I love writing content for SeaGurls and write my own plays too. I love drama so combining the two in my career is keeping me happy and super busy.

The most exciting thing that has happened in my career so far is going to events and inspiring kids to do theatre, join parades, sing, dance – bringing fun for everyone. It’s great to be working in collaboration with groups nationwide in the art world, growing relationships, and building the art community in Torquay.

I wouldn’t really change anything since graduating. I grabbed the most opportunities I could and ran with them. I wish there were more arts in the South West but growing the scene is what I am aiming for.

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Everything happens for a reason

“At the end of my first year of university, one of my lecturers put me forward for a dyslexia test. Funnily enough, she was right...”

I have dyslexia and dyspraxia so the learning development department was a big part of my life and I am so happy someone finally discovered this about me. This answered so many questions I had over the years about why I was a little bit clumsy. Going to university, being diagnosed with dyslexia and juggling working life and home life was what helped me discover my career plans. It taught me that everything happens for a reason and I am the only one in the way of my own career. Yes, I may get knockbacks and bad grades but it’s only me stopping myself from getting there. It taught me when to say no and when I was doing too much.

Plymouth was my top choice

The University of Plymouth was my top choice due to location, I am a beach baby who also loves the countryside so Plymouth was top of my list of universities close to both. That and could I study comic books as part of my course? Yes, please.

Gwithian beach, Cornwall

Plymouth is a lovely place to live in; close to the sea and the city. 

I loved the people, the work-life and just everything. 

It isn’t just about the University it is about where you are staying and the extracurricular options as well as the courses offered.

All aspects of the University along the way helped me in many ways, whether academic or not. 

I made lifelong friends and got to learn, write, work and have fun.

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