Business support

What do we do?

The Business Support Team work with colleagues throughout the organisation to build a successful and sustainable university.

Our service oversees the annual financial planning cycle to ensure income is appropriately managed and costs are incurred as effectively as possible to achieve the university’s strategic objectives.

We help colleagues by ensuring queries are address by the right experts within finance.

For help with reporting or costing queries, please contact the Business Support Team:

01752 588100 ext. 8

Business areas

Business area Finance Business Partner Management Accountant
Arts and humanities Lisa Petford Liz Cane
Business Felicity Barretto Nicki Sanford
Health and human sciences Laura Bassett Simon Paice
PUPSMD Duncan Wadey Marie Cann
Science and engineering Chris Peacock Rich Cocksedge
Academic Partnerships Felicity Barretto Rachel Bishop
Estates Linda Worsfold Sarah Potter
External Relations Duncan Wadey Rachel Bishop
Finance Felicity Barretto Nicki Sanford
Teaching and Learning Support Chris Peacock Rich Cocksedge
Registry Laura Bassett Simon Paice
Research and Innovation Chris Peacock Rich Cocksedge
Student Services Laura Bassett Simon Paice
TIS Lisa Petford Liz Cane
Library and Digital Services Lisa Petford Liz Cane 
Human Resources Felicity Barretto Nicki Sanford

OVC Duncan Wadey Marie Cann
UCSP Linda Worsfold Sarah Potter
Financial Planning Team Claire Wilson Justin Crews 

Financial planning cycle

  • 1st Re-forecast (update annual budget) November - December.
  • 2nd Re-forecast (update annual budget) March - April.
  • Finalist the budget for the year (known as plan) April - May.
  • Year-end (finalise outcome for the year) July - September.
  • Prepare budgets for the following year December - April.

Key reporting dates

Month end            

  • Calendar working day 1 -  checks by business support
  • Calendar working day 1 -  draft reports 1 by business support
  • Calendar working day 2 -  reports and updates by MAs/BPs
  • Calendar working day 3 -  updates by MAs/BPs
  • Calendar working day 4 -  updates by MAs/BPs
  • Calendar working day 5 -  draft reports 2 by business support
  • Calendar working day 6 -  reports and checks
  • Calendar working day 7 -  final reports and commentaries 

General enquiries with Business Support please dial 01752 588100 ext. 8