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Student Accounts Team

Our services 

The Student Accounts Team are responsible for ensuring that all University student debt is paid, including tuition fees. 

As a point of contact for both students and staff, we can offer advice and support with any questions or concerns about overdue payment of tuition fees or other student University related debts. 

How do I access more information? 

You can access advice and information, including how and when to pay your tuition fees, and all your student money needs by visiting the University’s fees and funding pages.

Ways in which staff can help?

Frequently asked questions
Our team will refer any student with a tuition fee query to the frequently asked questions page as a first step. Or just type ‘FAQ’ in the search box on the University website.

Correspondence from sponsors
It is vital that any emails or letters from sponsors stating their willingness to pay students fees are sent on to the correct team so we can update our records and ensure they are correctly invoiced. This includes financial guarantee letters received for overseas students sponsored by their government/embassy.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students send to the Data Support**
PGR students must send these emails or letters to the Doctoral College***

Approval for loan applications
Students having problems obtaining approval for their tuition fee loan applications through Student Finance need to contact the Student Union Advice team for assistance****

Students leaving or interrupting their studies
Students who are thinking of leaving or interrupting their studies are required to discuss their concerns with their programme administrators. It is essential students complete the appropriate documentation if they then decide to proceed. Unless their departure is formalised, their tuition fees will continue to accrue.

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The Commercial Credit Control team 

Credit Control are responsible for ensuring that all commercial debt for the University, and the University’s five subsidiary companies, are paid in a timely manner. This includes the credit checking of new customer accounts, the systems set-up of new customer accounts, and advice on ensuring invoices are paid to terms. Please contact us by sending an email to and we will respond as soon as possible.

Prior to engaging a new client, please email a copy of the ‘Customer set-up form’ to All new clients engaging with the University will be subject to an assessment of credit worthiness, which will include a % rating and a recommended credit amount. The customer set up form is available at the Official Document Centre. The University currently engages with Credit Safe to provide this service.

Please note, that as per Credit Safe guidance, the recommended minimum credit rating is 50%. It is also recommended that clients who do not meet this minimum requirement are requested to evidence their ability to pay, or requested to make advanced payments for the services provided. Please refer to the Commercial Credit control team for guidance. Invoices are subject to standard payment terms of 30 days from invoice date, and will be subject to the standard debt management processes of the University if payment is not received to terms. This includes use of an external debt management provider, when debt becomes over 90 days overdue.

Exclusions to the above:

  • Organisations that have been trading for less than one year may not have sufficient trading history to adhere to the above requirement and are therefore exempt from the minimum requirement
  • Organisations created to allow for the distributions of funds, for example for the purpose of distributing funding allocated for research purposes, are exempt from the minimum requirement
  • Non-UK entities or entities backed by governmental agencies.

Please note that an assessment of credit worthless will still be provided for customers subject to the above exclusions. The credit control team will copy requests to the appropriate manager to ensure appropriate staff are aware of the opening of the account.

Once your customer is set-up on the finance system, please ensure that sales invoices are submitted in line with the payment schedule agreed with the customer. Please also ensure that submitted invoices include a Purchase Order, or customer specific reference number, that will help expedite payment. We recognise that not all customers will have a purchase order system. In this eventuality, please request a reference number from the customer or add a unique reference number that you share with your customer contact prior to invoicing to help ensure timely payment.

Systems support:

For any systems support, including access to the sales invoicing module, please refer to our e-learning courses.

Otherwise, the finance systems team can be contacted