Our services and function

The Payments team provide the central administration and support for the payment of all goods and services and the processing and payment of all expenses claim forms.

Making payments

Weekly payment deadlines

Payment type To us by Payment in bank
Students (inc expenses) Wednesday 5pm Wednesday of the following week
PU/UPEL/PDSE Suppliers inc external expenses (paid weekly) Thursday 5pm Friday of the following week
PMS, UCSP (paid fortnightly) Thursday 5pm Friday of the following week
Staff expenses Wednesday 9am Wednesday of the following week

Cheques are produced monthly. Supplier and student cheques will be run on the last Wednesday of each month.

(BACs is the preferred and most efficient method of payment, where possible, please obtain bank details).

Staff can access payment method guidelines from within the Official Documents Centre.


Invoices should be sent directly to and all invoices must quote a valid purchase order number.

  • This address is not monitored (only an automated response will be received)
  • This address is for invoices only
  • Invoices to this address are required in PDF format only
  • Do not send queries to the 'invoices@' email address (they will be deleted)
  • You can have multiple invoices per email but only one invoice per attachment
Statements, queries and non-PDF invoices should still be emailed to

For members of staff who receive invoices directly, please forward onto providing they are in PDF format and quote a PO number.

Request for payments

It is the University’s policy to only pay for goods and services once received. In the rare circumstances where a proforma invoice has been authorised for payment by Procurement, a 'Request for Payment form' should be completed and authorised by a budgetary authority prior to forwarding it to

Please use a 'Request for Foreign Payments form' if you wish to make a payment for services/goods overseas. Please note that for foreign payments of £50,000 or more, we will seek approval from Procurement before processing.

Documents can be accessed from within the Official Documents Centre.

Expenses and subsistence advances via BACS


Here you will find the University's External Individuals and External Interview Candidates claim form. Once completed these should be scanned along with accompanying invoices and sent to These must be either signed by an authorised budget authority or emailed from a budget holders email address.

The travel and subsistence policy and all claim forms, can be found on the Official Documents Centre.

All standard expense claims should be made using the online Agresso web system. Using this system allows claims to be reimbursed quickly – usually within six to nine working days of claims being submitted via the web. Receipts need to be scanned and attached for all research projects. All expenses are subject to random spot checks. Please ensure your receipts are available. The Finance Systems Team provide advice and have guides for you to use. Please visit the Finance Systems website.

Relocation claims must be sent to Payroll (Human Resources).

Paper claim form should only be used where HMRC consider items to be a taxable benefit. Itemised receipts must be attached to the claim form and sent in the post to Payroll.

Subsistence advances via BACS

Students or staff attending field trips or fieldwork may request a BACS payment as an advance for travel and subsistence that cannot be paid for using GPC or web expenses.

Bank transfer should be requested using ‘Subsistence Advance Request’ form and submitted to Paperwork to be submitted by 4pm Wednesday for payment the following Wednesday into the staff/student’s bank account. The advance must be reconciled within one month from date of return with itemised receipts using the ‘Advance Reconciliation Form'.

Journals and internal orders


Journals should be entered directly onto Agresso via the web. In order to gain access and training to use this function please email your Business Partner.

Internal orders

These should only be used for ordering of services or goods within the University. Please ensure that the internal order is coded at the bottom of the form and has both a credit and debit line with matching account codes and each line has a work order and relevant attributes, before sending to Payments.

Internal orders or recharges should be emailed to