Online enrolment for returning students

Information to help returning students complete enrolment


Why is enrolment important for returning students?

 Enrolment will allow you to:
  • check the details that we record about you
  • update anything that needs to be changed (like your address, which is likely to have changed)
  • retain access to University services and facilities
  • be insured as a student
  • continue to have access to your supervisors, academic and administrative staff.

When can you complete enrolment?

If you have successfully completed referred assessment, you can complete enrolment from the date your referred results are published. If you fail the referred assessment or need further help, please contact your faculty office.
There may be things you need to consider before you log into the enrolment system to complete enrolment – they're listed below.
Important note for international students (if your nationality is not British or Irish): you cannot complete enrolment until you have completed the right-to-study check. If you have been asked to provide your original qualifications or ATAS certificate, please email these to

Complete enrolment

Log into the enrolment system
You can access the online enrolment system using a PC, tablet (iPad, for example) or smartphone. It is advisable to use landscape mode when using a mobile device.

Things to consider

Outstanding debts

You will not be able to complete enrolment if you are in academic debt to the University.
You will be able to use the enrolment system 24 hours after clearing the debt. If you have a query regarding an outstanding debt please contact our Student Accounts Team:

Outcome of your last year of study

You will not be able to complete enrolment unless you have successfully completed your current course year or you have been informed you can repeat your year of study.
If you have been referred in any modules, or a decision on your progression has been deferred, you will be able to complete enrolment when the relevant referred award board confirms your progression to the next academic year.
If you have successfully completed referred assessment, you can complete enrolment from the date your referred results are published. If you fail the referred assessment or need further help, please contact your faculty office.

Payment of tuition fees

Please ensure you have either paid your tuition fees or have made arrangements to pay (for example, with a loan from the Student Loan Company). If your fees are paid by a sponsor, you must provide us with written confirmation of the agreement.

NHS-funded health programmes

If you are a returning student on an NHS-funded place on the following programmes, you will need to tick the no fees payable box and enter the reason as NHS funded.
  • Nursing (adult, child health, mental health)
  • Midwifery
  • Dietetics
  • Occupational therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medicine (Year 5 only)
  • Dentistry (Year 5 only)
Please note that this only applies to students who are not in receipt of a tuition fees loan.

Having trouble?

Our frequently asked questions below are a good starting point if you experience problems or have a question about the enrolment system or process.
Please contact us if you still can't find the information you need.

How can I resolve IT issues when completing enrolment?

If you do not have access to the internet, you will be able to use the University Open Access centres on your return. We would however appreciate your co-operation in enrolling via the Internet off campus if possible.

Can I complete enrolment after I return?

We strongly recommend that you complete enrolment in advance as this gives you time to work through the different steps at your own pace and to resolve any queries which may arise.
If you are based somewhere other than the Plymouth campus please contact your local administration team if you have any problems.

Why is my stage of entry incorrect?

This will affect students who are on a course which has an optional placement year or year abroad. Students who progress to the final year are registered on stage 4 so those students who have opted to take the placement year or year abroad can be registered on stage 3. If you are not taking the optional placement year or year abroad, it is correct for you to register on stage 4 in your final year.
If you had a period of interruption (which may be the case for postgraduate research students), the system will record the number of academic years since commencement. Your actual deadline will have been adjusted for both the purpose of the end date of your programme and the level of fees you will be liable for.

Why can’t I use my mobile number in emergency contact details?

Fortunately, the need for an emergency contact is rare, but if there is a serious problem and we need to make contact with the person you have nominated as your emergency contact, we need their number and not your own.

Can I create a new password if I have forgotten it?

Yes, you can change your password by contacting the IT service desk on +44 1752 588588 (Option 3). 
Please make sure you have your University card to hand.

Can I update my details later if they change?

Yes, you can complete enrolment now using your current address and update your contact details at any time by:
  • Logging into your account
  • Navigating to the top of the screen and under 'additional details' select 'maintain contact details'.
If you are a Student visa (formerly Tier 4) holder, please remember that keeping your contact details updated is a requirement of your visa.