Fees and funding

As you may be aware, two levels of fee operate, and so to assess which fee applies in your particular circumstance, additional information is required.

We must stress that your nationality is not being questioned. Fee levels relate to residential as well as immigration requirements as set out in the Education (Fees and Awards) Regulations available at www.ukcisa.org.uk

Where applicants have spent relevant periods outside the United Kingdom (or outside the EEA for EU nationals) or where immigration status needs to be verified, our questionnaire is used to ensure that the correct assessment is made.

Please complete the Fee Assessment Questionnaire fully and return to us via email at applications@plymouth.ac.uk along with documentary evidence where requested. Please ensure it is returned within 10 working days of the questionnaire being sent to you, as if we do not receive a response within this timeframe, the overseas student fee rate will be applied to your application.

Once we have received your completed questionnaire, additional information may be requested to enable us to complete the assessment. Please ensure that this is returned in a timely manner to avoid further delay. 

In the meantime, your application will be considered by the Admissions Tutor and you should receive further news in due course.

Fee status after your course has started

It is not usually possible for a student's fee status to change once their course has started, except in exceptional circumstances. These circumstances include if the student became a UK national or the relevant family member of an UK national, or if a relevant family member is recognised as a refugee or is granted humanitarian protection and the student can evidence they meet the residency requirement (time spent for study purposes in the UK does not count towards the five-year residency requirement). Further guidance is available on the UKCISA website under international student advice and guidance – Home or Overseas fees: the basics.

Any requests for reassessment of fees should be made in writing to the Admissions and Enquiries Manager at admissions@plymouth.ac.uk. Changes in fee status are not automatic.

Please note: amendments to fee status following re-assessment will come into effect at the start of an academic year only and cannot be applied retrospectively except in the case where an error has been made in the original fee assessment.

Fee assessment queries for non-applicants

Please note that the Admissions team will be unable to undertake fee assessments before an application is made. If you are not sure as to which fee category applies to you, please contact us and we will send you the link to the fee questionnaire to determine your fee status once you have applied.