Withdrawing from a module

If you wish to withdraw from a taught module you must notify your Faculty Office before 50 per cent of the teaching on the module has been completed. If you do not do so and subsequently do not complete the module, you will be deemed to have failed the module. This will count towards the maximum number of attempts you are allowed at a module.

So for example if you are studying a module which runs for eight weeks, you would need to withdraw before the end of the 4th week of teaching in order for the attempt not to count. Students who withdraw from a module at this stage will not be allowed to commence another module in the same semester.

If you have any queries about this or want to check the last date you can withdraw from a specific module without being deemed to have attempted the module, please check with your Faculty Office.

Please note that these regulations refer only to whether you have been deemed to have attempted a module from an academic perspective. There is a separate policy with regard to the payment of tuition fees which you should read if you are thinking of withdrawing or suspending study.