Your results, how to find them, and what they mean

The following information has been gathered together to help to answer any questions that you may have regarding your results, how and when you can access them and links to further information on what happens if you fail any part of your course.

The following FAQs are answered on this page

  • 6 How will I get my results?
  • 6 What is a statement of results (SoR)?
  • 6 How can I access my statement of results?
  • 6 What is a transcript?
  • 6 When will I receive my transcript?
  • 6 How can I get a replacement copy?
  • 6 How can I get confirmation that I am/was a student?
  • 6 How can I get confirmation that I am/was a student?
  • 6 When will I receive my degree certificate?
  • 6 How can I verify my award?

How will I get my results

  • Provisional results are available throughout the year and can be viewed online on the Statement of Results. Students studying at one of our partner institutions should contact their institution for their provisional results during the academic year.
  • Confirmed results are published at the end of the academic year. The status of marks on the Statement of Results will change from provisional to confirmed on the results publication date (unless you study at a partner institution or have been advised differently by your Faculty or the Doctoral College, in which case the date may vary) and the statement of results will then form your eTranscript. Additional results guidance is available to support your e-transcript. You can download or print a copy of your eTranscript for your records.
  • Appeals must be submitted by the deadline given with your transcript of results – normally 10 working days after the publication of results. Standard year appeal deadlines are listed on the results and appeals page but please check the additional guidance with your transcript or contact your faculty/partner institution/Doctoral College if you are not sure. Please remember that it is your responsibility to make sure you meet these deadlines. 

  • Contact your faculty office/partner institution/Doctoral College immediately if after reading the information provided with your transcript there is anything you are unsure about, or if you think that an error has occurred with the transcription of your marks. 

  • Need to retake part or all of a module? Don't worry, we've compiled some helpful on-line information on reassessment, referral and repeat procedures to help give some clarity to your situation. 

  • UPSU (Advice) are available to give support with submitting an appeal if required.

We've also compiled some useful frequently asked questions and responses, take a look at the following pages:

What is a statement of results (SoR)?

The SoR is an online tool that is available to currently enrolled students all year. It shows:

  • All the modules you are enrolled on this year.
  • Any assessment results that have been recorded by the module academic team.
Results displayed with a P indicate that your results are provisional and are subject to confirmation by the Subject Assessment Panel which sits at the end of the academic year. Once results are confirmed they will change to a and the SoR becomes your eTranscript confirming module results and progression or award details, see below for more information about transcripts. Provisional marks are normally available 20 working days after the assessment deadline. Please contact the module lead / partner institution if they are not available after this time. Please note that for students studying at a partner institution, provisional results may be available on the partner institution’s own site.

Confirmed results will show the module decision code where reassessment is required. Read our guidance notes for an explanation of the codes.

How can I access my statement of results?

The Statement of Results/eTranscript is available to current students from the 'tools/resources' tab on the DLE or from the student portal/app on the Student Life tile and then select 'personal details'.

What are Subject Assessment Panels and Award Assessment Boards?

Subject Assessment Panels are set up to review the standard of assessment in the subject and to decide on recommendations on the form of referral for individual modules. The Panels are attended by Internal and External Examiners for the modules.

All marks are provisional until they have been confirmed by a Subject Assessment Panel. The confirmed marks and recommendations are then considered by the Award Assessment Board which makes decisions on the final results for a particular award or group of awards.

What is a transcript?

A transcript of results is a formal record of all the modules you are enrolled on this year for your programme of study and shows:

  • The decision of the Award Assessment Board in respect of progression or award for your programme of study.
  • The module names and credit values.
  • The number of credits achieved this academic year.
  • The confirmed module and element marks.
  • The confirmed module and element results for pass/fail modules.
  • The module results - A achieved or N not achieved.
  • The module decision code where reassessment is required
It is important that you read the information enclosed on the results web-pages together with your eTranscript as this will detail what you need to do in respect of any additional or referred assessments. 

When can I access my eTranscript?

All students can access their eTranscript as above on the day their results are published, around three weeks after the Award Assessment Boards have sat at the end of the academic year, normally in July. Partner institution students should contact their institution for confirmation of the date. Students who undertake additional work during the referral period will be able to access their updated eTranscript after the Referred Assessment Boards have met, normally in September. Postgraduate taught students will receive their final transcript around early December.

Please read the important dates page for the standard dates for publication of results.

How can I get a copy?

All students can download or print a copy of their eTranscript which includes results of all years of study on their current programme.

The exams and awards office can provide copies of transcripts. This will incur a cost per transcript and should be ordered from the estore.

Degree certificates and verification of awards

How can I get confirmation that I am/was a student?

Current students can request confirmation letters for banks, council tax purposes etc from your faculty office/partner institution/Doctoral College. 

Former students can use the exams and awards office award documentation replacement and verification service.

When will I receive my degree certificate?

Your certificate will be issued in September posted to your home address. Please ensure your home address is up-to-date on the Student Portal. Partner institution students will either receive their certificate from The University of Plymouth directly or via your partner institution.

For those taught postgraduate students who qualify in October/November the certificate will be posted out to your home address by the end of January.

Research degree students are assessed via an oral examination at the end of their degree. The Doctoral College will liaise with research degree students regarding the production of their certificate.

How can I verify my award?

The exams and awards office offer an award documentation replacement and verification service for University of Plymouth graduates where you can order award verification letters, and duplicate and certified copies of certificates.   

Next step...

Progressing to next stage

Every student is required to re-enrol each year, information regarding enrolment and induction, including how and when to online enrol, is normally available around a month before your programme commences (early August for standard year programmes). Please note that for taught programmes, if you are undertaking less than 120 credits you will be registered as a part-time student. Partner institution students should contact their institution for details regarding enrolment.

If you do not intend to return for the following academic year and wish to withdraw or suspend study, please inform your faculty/partner institution as soon as possible in line with the policy.

Your University card is valid for the duration of your programme of study, please keep it safe.


Once you have successfully completed your studies you can look forward to your graduation ceremony, a wonderful way to celebrate your achievements with friends and family, and look forward to new adventures.

You will receive an email when booking is due to open. Read about graduation ceremonies for further details.

For partner institution students whose institution holds their own graduation ceremony, please contact the institution for details.

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