Lecture at PAHC

What are the rules on attendance at University of Plymouth?

You should attend classes regularly and punctually. 

If you are on a health related course you'll have a detailed attendance policy and guidelines for dealing with unsafe practice/inappropriate professional behaviour, which will be provided by your faculty. 

Student visa (formerly Tier 4) international students

If you are studying at the University on a Student visa there are specific attendance monitoring requirements. You'll find a list of the responsibilities associated with your Student visa, including attendance requirements by visiting the International Student Advice (ISA) webpages. 

If you do not attend your course as required by your Faculty and according to the University Attendance Policy for students with a Student visa, you may be withdrawn from your course and reported to the Home Office. This will mean that your visa is cancelled and you will be required to leave the UK. For more information about attendance and engagement requirements, please visit www.plymouth.ac.uk/international/compliance/current-student.

Please make sure that you check your student email address regularly and respond to instructions sent to you.

Attendance at exams

If you have Modified Assessment Provisions (MAPs) for your exams which require you to have your own room you MUST inform the Exams Timetabling Office by emailing examinations.scheduling@plymouth.ac.uk if you are unable to attend. Failure to do this may result in action being taken against you to recoup the costs involved. 


Please note that children may not accompany students attending lectures, classes or examinations at the University.