The form is in two parts:
  • First section asks for important demographic information.
  • Second section asks for more personal details about why you are reaching out to us.
We intend the form to help you think about different aspects of your situation and needs in preparation for your appointment.
Don’t be put off if questions seem a bit daunting on first sight; they help us make sure you get the best service as quickly as possible. You do not need to give long answers. You can also state “I would prefer to talk about this in person”. So find a quiet space, and give yourself the time to go through it.
The form is confidential and will only be seen by Student Services staff.
Still struggling with the form?

Ask a member of staff or trusted friend to help you with this or call in to the Student Hub for help.
What happens after you submit your form?
It will be triaged the next working day by one of our Student Wellbeing Services team.
The experienced team will look at the information you have given and make a decision on what appointment and/or support might help you best at this moment in time.
We will send you an email telling you what happens next.
Possible triage routes: