Making counselling and mental health appointments

Important update for students who need counselling and mental health support

Counselling and Mental Health continue to offer all their services online, however, we now have capacity to start offering some COVID Safe face to face appointments where appropriate.

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A counselling appointment is a chance to look at what is causing you concern right now. Our One-At-A-Time model means each of your appointments is standalone but you can book another session with the counsellor you saw or another member of the team when you feel the need. This gives you time to reflect and process what was discussed and try out any suggestions or strategies and see what effect they have before contacting us again.

Where appropriate we can also offer short-term counselling (4–6 sessions) with one of our trained Associate counsellors.

A mental health appointment connects students who have a previous mental health diagnosis or have started to experience symptoms that are impacting their ability to engage in university life, with one of our mental health support workers. The mental health team provide personalised input to help you get the most out of your university experience by linking in with appropriate services both within the University and external agencies.

On receipt of your referral form, we will aim to offer you the type of appointment we believe could be most helpful for you, based on the nature of your concern/s. 

Once you have submitted the form we will contact you and offer you a time to come and see us. Of course, at your first appointment, you can also tell us things which you didn't feel comfortable writing down.

About the form

The form is in two parts; the first section asks for general demographic information. The second section asks for more personal details about why you are requesting an appointment and is intended to be thought-provoking. We have asked certain questions which might feel very personal, intrusive or difficult to answer so it may seem a bit daunting on first sight, but it will really help us to make sure you get the best service as quickly as possible. 

It will also help you to explore your current concerns and prepare for an appointment. So try and find a quiet space and give yourself the time to go through it. You do not need to give long answers; you can also put "I would prefer to talk about this in person" if it is difficult to write about.

If you are struggling with the form you could ask a member of staff or trusted friend to help fill out the form with you; it's important though that this is done with you and not for you.

The form is confidential and will only be seen by Student Services staff.

Before coming to see us we ask you to complete an online form.


If you are going through a tough time staff and students can access free online support with Togetherall. Whether you’re struggling to sleep, feeling low, stressed or unable to cope, Togetherall can help you get support, take control and feel better. You will have access to a 24/7 online community and professional support from trained counsellors. Togetherall provides a safe space online to get things off your chest, explore your feelings, get creative and learn how to self-manage your mental health and wellbeing.

Togetherall is totally anonymous, so no one will know you’ve chosen to use it unless you tell them!

Go to Togetherall and sign up under ‘organisation’ with your university email address.