We’re on a mission to mainstream Mental Fitness. To improve our core skills, reduce the risk of mental health decline and help us all to flourish.

Fika is a customisable mental health improvement platform. Empowering organisations with assignable education courses evidenced to positively impact wellbeing and performance.

Built from a robust evidence-base by an expert team. Fika draws on methods and theories spanning sports psychology and positive psychology as well as acceptance and commitment therapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness to build mental fitness.

  • Feel resilient and able to bounce back
  • Be confident to step-up and take control
  • Communicate clearly and listen actively
  • Think creatively and solve problems
  • Take criticism and use it constructively
  • Adapt to changing circumstances
  • Create healthy, lasting relationships
  • Be focused and driven to succeed
  • Stay strong and clear-headed in a crisis 

Download videos from Fika's Head of Psychology, Dr Fran Longstaff  – introducing Fika's 7 skills

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Add a remote mental fitness boost to staff meetings and student-facing classes

Why not use the Fika Daily Community feature to add a five-minute mental fitness booster to remote staff meetings, lectures, seminars and tutorials?

More details online here

Mental Health Awareness week

18–22 May is Mental Health Awareness week and this year’s theme is kindness!

Fika's Head of Psychology Fran Longstaff will be hosting a mental fitness webinar on Thursday 21 May 11.00–12.00 to teach us more about the science of kindness and how kind acts can reduce stress, improve connections and boost our immune systems.

All students and staff are invited to attend this webinar – we will kick off the session with an introduction to Fika and invite all attendees to post into our community feed for a sector-wide community-building event.

Fika Livestream: Mental Health Awareness Week with Dr Fran Longstaff

In advance: Please download the Fika app and register using your university email address: