An intriguing insight into Big Data technological revolution and sentiment analysis on social media.

Below you'll find links to all the systems available to the University of Plymouth that will help you through the different stages of your research journey and capture the information that is an essential part of your research.

Symplectic Elements

Symplectic Elements Research Information Management System
To prepare for the launch of the new research information system, Pure, from Friday 24 May, it will not be possible to make deposits from Elements into PEARL.
From this date, please do NOT edit any of your personal information or files in Elements.
Any changes made on or after Friday 24 May will not be transferred to Pure, and your data will be lost.
If you need to make any deposits into PEARL via Elements on or after Friday 24th, please email your Information Specialist or with details of the publications and any files you wish to upload.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Atom. Atomic series. Abstract concept of atom and quantum waves illustrated with fractal elements