Researchfish is an online service for the reporting of outcomes of research for funders, researchers and research institutes to enable better research impact assessment.

With over £45B of tracked funding, funding organisations, research institutions and researchers across the globe use the Researchfish Impact & Evaluation Hub to capture and measure over 2M outputs and outcomes of over 100K research awards. Comprehensive reporting gives a broader and deeper understanding of the activities of research, showing pathways to research impact. This enables organisations to inform future funding strategies and increase opportunity for collaboration.

With the ever increasing pressure on research funding, the ability to demonstrate and report impact using solid evidence is gaining importance. Once collected, output and outcome data can be analysed to identify impact that can then be reported to internal and external stakeholders and help with obtaining future funding. This data driven approach can direct future strategy enabling smarter funding decisions to be made – focussing resources on research that has the greatest impact.​

Log in to Researchfish

It would be advantageous to link your Researchfish account to your ORCiD account, which will enable Researchfish to harvest information from that. Once logged in to Researchfish, you can do this by selecting the ‘Connect to ORCiD’ option that appears under your name on the main dashboard and following the instructions thereafter.

Researchfish userguide