SciVal provides access to the research performance of over 20,100 research institutions and their associated researchers, from 231 nations worldwide

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SciVal provides access to the research performance of thousands of research institutions and their associated researchers from 231 nations worldwide, so you can visualise research performance, benchmark relative to peers, develop strategic partnerships, identify and analyse new, emerging research trends, and create uniquely tailored reports. 

SciVal is based on publication and COUNTER compliant usage data from Scopus, the world's largest curated abstract and citation database, as well as patent-article citations, awarded grant data and mass media mentions from NewsFlo. It uses Scopus data from 1996 to present, covering over 50 million records from more than 5,000 publishers worldwide. 

SciVal receives a weekly update of new data from Scopus and due to processing times this means SciVal is typically 1-2 weeks behind Scopus. SciVal offers an extensive array of simple and more sophisticated metrics, including Snowball Metrics which were defined through an academic-industry partnership to enable their confident and appropriate use in strategic decision making and benchmarking.

The system is useful for:

  • Academic staff
  • REF leads, Heads of Schools, Associate Deans for Research
  • Staff working to support research and partnerships

You can use the system to:

  • Understand the performance of research outputs of an individual or group of researchers
  • Gather information and analysis to support grant applications.
  • Conduct comparisons between institutions.
  • Gather information about current partnerships and potential partners.

You can find some helpful guides on the Library Research Support and Services webpage

Accessing SciVal

We have an institutional subscription to SciVal and any member of staff can login and use the system. You can access SciVal with the same username and password you use for other Elsevier products (such as ScienceDirect or Scopus). If you do not have access to other Elsevier products, you will need to first register. Follow these steps to register:

  • Go to
  • Select ‘Register’.
  • Enter your username. Note: Your username is your email address and it is not case-sensitive.
  • Create a password. Your password must be at least 5 characters long, and it must contain at least: one uppercase and one lowercase letter, one number and one symbol (i.e. * ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * _ + { } | : " < > ? ` - = [ ] \ ; ' , . / ")
  • Select ‘Add profile details’ to add information to your profile now, or add this later via your ‘Account’.
  • Select the checkbox to receive information by Elsevier if required.
  • Select the checkbox confirming you have read and understood the Registered user agreement.
  • Select ‘Register’.

After completing these steps, you will have created an account with SciVal. You will receive a confirmation email to the address you provided.