boy with inhaler
Respiratory diseases are a complex, two-way interaction between specific processes in the lung and the general health of the patient (which includes psychosocial well-being).
Successful treatment must extend beyond the lung.
The partnership currently consists of two health psychologists, Professor Michael Hyland and Dr Ben Whalley from the University of Plymouth School of Psychology, Professor Rupert Jones who is a GP with a special interest in respiratory disease and research fellow at the University's Faculty of Health, and Dr Matthew Masoli who is the clinical lead for asthma at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust and has established a regional severe/difficult asthma service.
For more information, visit the Plymouth Respiratory Psychology Partnership website.

For more information about this partnership, please contact Ben Whalley.

What we do

Our research assumes that disease results from the disruption of a complex system that includes the patient's lung, body, psychological state, and behaviour. Where possible we take the patient's perspective to understand the burden of both disease and treatment, and the complex decisions which patients must make when managing their condition. We apply these insights to improve patient outcomes in primary care and in specialist respiratory services. Our goal is to develop and evaluate novel psychosocial interventions that have both biological and behavioural consequences.