Imagery Research Group
Mental imagery plays a fundamental role in many human activities, and in the School of Psychology we are investigating it at a range of levels from the neurological to the social. Some of the things we are investigating include the regions of the brain that are most active when mental images are being constructed; the influence of imagination in craving and desire; the use of imagery by creative individuals; the role of imagery in clinical disorders; and the use of imagery in behaviour change techniques. 
To support systematic research into the vividness of imagery across different senses, we have published the Plymouth Sensory Imagery Questionnaire (PsiQ). You are welcome to download and use this questionnaire in your own research.
With our collaborators in Brisbane, we have published the Craving Experience Questionnaire which assesses the Strength and Frequency of cravings, with subscales of imagery vividness, craving intensity and intrusiveness. Copies of this questionnaire can be obtained from Professor Jon May.