Image: Stuart Blatston

Project aims

Chronic Lung Diseases (CLDs) affect 16 per cent of the adult population in Uganda and the joint approach of prevention and treatment will improve many lives where it is deployed. 

The purpose of this project will be to: 

  • Develop high quality local research capacity in both quantitative and qualitative research methodology in Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR) in Uganda.
  • Co-develop a culturally adapted programme of PR which could be tested in a large Randomised Control Trial.
  • Facilitate physiotherapy researchers in Uganda to produce research tailored to the society and hospitals they practice in.


We have implemented PR in Uganda, Kyrgyzstan and South Africa where we found substantial interest in incorporating music and dance into PR with potential to improve uptake, adherence and maintenance of PR. Built around our PR centre at MLI, we will develop novel adaptations using music and dance. A film will be made to explain the research, to help as a training video and to encourage patient participation and clinicians to refer.

Image: Stuart Blatston

Image: Stuart Blatston


Two peripheral sites (Jinja and Masindi district hospitals) will send two members of staff to attend a five day training course on PR at the MLI Rehab centre. Once rehab services have been planned, the team will visit the sites and check their facilities / plans for PR. We will then lead workshops with patients, staff and stakeholders to co-develop PR including music and dance that will be evaluated using qualitative methods.


This project will also incorporate the help of second and third year illustration students at the University of Plymouth to produce lung health education materials for patients. This will include comics, calendars, children’s story books and an animated film.


Illustration students comic for lung health education materials

<p>Illustration students comic for lung health education materials</p>

Working with Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences - Research methodology training led by Professor Andy Barton:

One week visit to MLI to co-develop and deliver a 2 day research methodology course with academic colleagues from Makerere University, who will be supported to deliver the course thereafter and develop further modules. Training videos will be shot for digital learning platforms.

Research project: Cultural adaptation of PR including music, singing and dance in two sites in Uganda

Global Health Education. We will develop links to deliver education at the MLI. Data from the research projects and rehabilitation will be used for the research projects / dissertations for MSc Global Health students. We will aim to deliver the MSc in Kampala at the MLI and we will organise this during a series of visits to Uganda.

Working with Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business

Year 2 students undertook illustration projects based on the concluded FRESH AIR project and developed powerful images on the dangers of biomass smoke exposure. These images have been shown in international conferences but need further work to reach their full potential in Africa.  AU’s brilliant cartoon of the smoke monster will be animated. The course tutor, will visit Kampala to meet health education experts, physicians and Ministry of Health (Uganda) Illustrators. They will then visit the villages to co-develop culturally appropriate messages and images and will work with specialist animators to produce a film of the effect of biomass smoke on the lungs. The animation will be hosted on our website and used in Uganda and internationally to promote lung health.