Dr Rupert Jones

Dr Rupert Jones

Senior Clinical Research Fellow

Clinical Trials & Health Research - Translational & Stratified Medicine (Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry)


Rupert Jones is a Physician with special interest at Derriford Hospital chest clinic and Senior Clinical Research Fellow at the Peninsula School of Medicine, Plymouth.  He has been involved in COPD policy including the national Outcomes Strategy for COPD and clinical lead for the National COPD Audit in Primary Care. His current research interests are in severe asthma, COPD and pulmonary rehabilitation. Working with many international collaborators, he runs global health projects funded by Horizon 2020 and MRC / Wellcome and DFIID relating to lung disease in Uganda, Vietnam, Greece and Kyrgyzstan. He developed the Lung Information Needs Questionnaire and the DOSE Index for COPD severity assessment, and now the Severe Asthma Quality of Life Scale. He has published over 60 papers and several books.


Undergraduate medical training: The London Hospital Medical School, 1973-79.


Qualifications               Subject                        Institution                    Date     

BSc (Hons)                   Pharmacology               London University          1976

MBBS                           Medicine                       London University          1979

DCH                             Paediatrics                    RCSI                             1981

DCROG                        Obs & Gynae                RCOG London              1981

MRCGP                        General Practice           RCGP London              1984

Dip Occ Med                 Occupational Medicine   RCP London                 1994

MD                               ResearchDoctorate      Plymouth University       2008

Roles on external bodies

2015 - Co-Director Lung Institute, Makere University, Kampala

2015 - Treasurer Lung Consortium International

2015 - BTS pulmonary rehabilitation quality improvement advisory group

2014 - Chair of scientific committee of the Salford Lung Study

2013 - National COPD Audit Primary care group member

2013 – 15 BTS Quality Standards group for Pulmonary Rehabilitation

2010 - 11 IPCRG Biennial International Conference 2011 Vice chair of conference, chairscientific committee

2010- 15 PCRS - UK Research Lead

2009 - 15 Primary Care Respiratory Society Executive Committee

2009 - 12 Global emPOWER international education initiative for COPD editorial board

 (28 countries used in meeting involving to 36,000 primary clinicians)

2009 - 14 COPD exchange editorial committee- national COPD web based resource

2008 - 14 Chair UK Respiratory Research Foundation (medical research charity)

2008 - 10 Chair GPIAG national conference

2008 - 11 DoH Clinical advice group on Home oxygen therapy

2004 - 11  Research Committee of IPCRG

2007 - 9  BTS Home Oxygen guidelines for Adults, member of review group 2012

2007 - 9  BTS Home Oxygen guidelines for Children

2008 - 10 Main Implementation committee of National Strategy for COPD and following subcommittees: (i)Metrics, (ii)workforce development, (iii)spirometry, (iv)pulmonary rehabilitation, (v)sleep disordered breathing.

2006 - 8  External reference group NSF for COPD

        (Co-Chair of screening, detection and diagnosis subgroup)

2006  Scientific Conference Advisory Committee for COPD 5 2006, COPD 6 in 2008 and COPD 7 in 2010

2006  Maintenance naïve protocol board- internationalRCT of Tiotropium in COPD

1997  Medical advisor to Plymouth Breath Easy (patient) group

Teaching interests

Within University of Plymouth

Allied Health Professionals module  ADV740

Remote and Global Health masters module

A wide range of external teaching in research and clinical medicine. 

2009- Global emPOWER international education initiative for COPD editorial board

 (28 countries used in meeting involving to 36,000 primary clinicians)

2009- COPDexchange website editorial committee- national COPD web based resource

Research interests

I am interested in global impact of chronic lung diseases, their aetiogy, diagnosis, detection, assessment in clinical practice, psychological and social impact of the diseases on affected people and those close to them.

Grants & contracts

Grants held

Funding Body

Principal Investigator

Funding Award Title

Start Date


Astra Zeneca

R Jones

Development and validation of scales to assess the burden of severe asthma and its treatment with oral corticosteroids


June 2016



Hyland ME

A qualitative study of the impact of severe asthma and its treatment burden

Jan 2014


The European Commission

Rupert Jones (UK)


The H2020 Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases. Prevention and treatment of lung diseases


Jan 2016

E 3,000,000

MRC / Wellcome Trust /DFID

Joint Global Health Trials

R Jones

A development study to examine feasibility and acceptability of pulmonary rehabilitation in Uganda for adults with chronic respiratory disease




Global Bridges

B Kirenga

Training Community Health Workers in Rural Uganda to Introduce Stop Smoking Interventions in the Context of a Lung Health Awareness Campaign

Jan 2015



R Jones

The psychological and biological impacts of severe asthma or difficult to treat asthma on patients including its treatment with long term oral steroids.

March 2013



R Jones

GOLD Categories in COPD




R Jones

Comparison of DOSE and ADO indices in primary care




Van Gemert

Fresh Air Uganda- Prevalence of COPD in rural Uganda




R Jones

Templates for COPD




Prof A Taylor

Smoking reduction and exercise

Sept 2009


Pan Bath and Swindon Primary Care Research Consortium

Dr Kevin Gruffydd-Jones

A pilot study of the impact of comprehensive case management of high risk patients with COPD on exacerbations, health status and healthcare consumption.

July 2007



Prof A Taylor

A randomised controlled trial of an intervention to promote the effects of health enhancing physical activity on physical and psychosocial outcomes in patients with mild COPD who are being treated with tiotropium.

July 2007


NHS Executive

Researcher Development Award

Dr Rupert Jones


Dec 2003



Dr Rupert Jones

Plymouth PCT COPD Audit and Patient Review Programme (includes service and research elements)

April 2005




Dr Rupert Jones

Development and assessment of the Lung Information Needs Questionnaire (LINQ)

Jan 02


Respiratory Research Unit

Dr Bryanie Shackell

A pilot study to investigate the sleep experiences of patients with moderate to severe COPD

Sept 2005



MRCExperimental Medicine Challenge Grant bid £4m  - unsuccessful

HQIPP to runthe National COPD audit £1.8m- (successful)



NIHR HS&DR Research Brief 12/130 : Evaluatingnew models of care for people with long term conditions £1.6m (unsuccessful)


Development andvalidation of scales to assess the burden of severe asthma and its treatmentwith oral corticosteroids

·        Astra Zeneca £219,000 (still undernegotiation)



Multi-countrypartnership to address the epidemiology of chronic lung diseases in two low- tomiddle-income settings MRC Global Challenges Research Fund£543,087 (submitted)

Bioaerosolair pollution and respiratory disease in India £390,000



In development

1.    to Social Science and Medicine on the impact ofchronic lung disease and the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation in Uganda

2.     a qualitative study on the pulmonary rehabilitation program and its implementation journal 

3.    The main results of the trial will be submitted to a high impact factor journal 

plus several database studies and a paper related to the Global Bridges Lung Health education project in Masindi.

Research groups

  • Plymouth Inequalities Group

Key publications are highlighted

Jones RCM, Chung MC, Berger Z & Campbell JL 2007 'Prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder in patients with previous myocardial infarction consulting in general practice' British Journal of General Practice 57, (543) 808-810
Jones RCM, Wang X, Harding SA & Hyland ME 2006 'Education for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is variable and poorly targeted: Self-management and exercise are neglected' Thorax 61, II83-II84
Jones RCM, Harding SA & Campbell JL 2006 'Post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic lung disease: Prevalence and changes following pulmonary rehabilitation' Thorax 61, II68-II69
Hyland ME, Jones RCM & Hanney KE 2006 'The lung information needs questionnaire: Development, preliminary validation and findings' Respiratory Medicine 100, (10) 1807-1816
Jones RCM, Shackell BS, Comyn J & Wang X 2006 'The patient at the centre of their care: An it based package for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in primary care' Thorax 61, II81-II82
Hyland ME, Jones RCM & Hanney K 2005 'Information needs in COPD patients - why we developed the LINQ' The Airways Journal 3, 142-144
Jones RCM, Hyland ME, Hanney K & Erwin J 2004 'A qualitative study of compliance with medication and lifestyle modification in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)' Primary Care Respiratory Journal 13, 149-154
Gray M, Jones RCM, Hyland M & Goldman J 2002 'A focus group study on the impact of the different components of pulmonary rehabilitation' Thorax 57,