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The Community and Primary Care Research Group (CPCRG) at the University of Plymouth have been working extensively on research projects in global low-resource settings since 2012, initially targeting lung health and more recently Dementia. Our award winning research works with communities internationally.

Latest publications

Jacobs, R., Farina, N., & Schneider, M. (2023). Cross-cultural adaptation of the EAST and CASE screening tools for elder abuse in South Africa. Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect, 0(0), 1–24.
Hurzuk, S., Farina, N., Pattabiraman, M., Ramasamy, N., Alladi, S., Rajagopalan, J., ... & Evans-Lacko, S. (2022). Understanding, experiences and attitudes of dementia in India: A qualitative study. Dementia, 21(7), 2288–2306. 
Fitri, F. I., Gultom, I. M., Mahendrayana, E., Mahendrayana, E., Irawan, E., Rambe, A. S., Sani, T. P., Turana, Y., Theresia, I., Farina, N., & Banerjee, S. (2022). Adaptation of the STRiDE dementia survey into the Indonesian context in North Sumatra. Neurology Asia.
Oliveira, D., Godoy, C., da Mata, F., Mateus, E., Franzon, A. C. A., Farina, N., Evans-Lacko, S., & Ferri, C. (2022). Reducing dementia-related stigma and discrimination amongst community health workers in Brazil: Protocol for a randomized controlled feasibility trial. BMJ Open 
Keir EJ Philip, Lucy L Cartwright, Debra Westlake, Grace Nyakoojo, Ivan Kimuli, Bruce Kirenga, Evelyn A Brakema, Mark W Orme, Daisy Fancourt, Nicholas S Hopkinson, Rupert Jones, Winceslaus Katagira. Music and dance in respiratory disease management in Uganda: a qualitative study of patient and healthcare professional perspectives doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-053189 
Cartwright LL, Callaghan LE, Jones RC, Nantanda R, Fullam J.  Perceptions of long-term impact and change following a midwife-led biomass smoke education program for mothers in rural Uganda: a qualitative study. Rural and Remote Health 2022; 22: 6893.
Jones R, Kirenga B, Buteme S, Williams S, van Gemert F. A novel lung health programme addressing awareness and behaviour change aiming to prevent chronic respiratory diseases in rural Uganda: a two-year train-the-trainer programme.African Journal of Respiratory Medicine: 2020;14(2):2-9.
Nantanda R, Buteme S, van Kampen S, Cartwright L, Pooler J, Barton A, Callaghan L, Mirembe J, Ndeezi G, Tumwine J, Kirenga B & Jones R. Feasibility and acceptability of a midwife-led education strategy to reduce exposure to biomass smoke among pregnant women in Uganda: A FRESH project. Global Public Health. 2019. DOI: 10.1080/17441692.2019.1642931


Angus Ulyett, a BSc Illustration student from the University of Plymouth, was shortlisted for a World Illustration Award for his animated educational film for The Midwife Project .
The pulmonary rehabilitation programme implemented in Crete during FRESH AIR has been awarded in Greece for its innovation and impact, in the category ‘Research Work in Universities/Educational Institutes/Research Centres/Hospitals'.

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