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Don’t forget I’m human: Stopping dementia stigma 

Within the STRiDE project the voices and experiences of people living with dementia and their carers in low- and middle-income countries have been compiled to provide a resource to empower all people to fight stigma. 
Health care practitioner working with an elderly patient with dementia

Midwife-led lung health education project in Uganda

“This is a huge-scale problem in Africa. Most people are exposed to biomass smoke throughout their life. In our earlier studies, we showed that one in eight adults were suffering from chronic lung disease.” – Dr Rupert Jones

A midwife-led education programme in the Jinja district of Uganda, aiming to teach midwives and other community healthcare workers about the dangers of biomass smoke and about reducing the risks to mother, foetus and young children.

‘The smoke monster’ by Angus Ulyett

Angus Ulyett, UoP Illustration BSc student, travelled to Uganda in February 2019 with the UoP global health research team and Illustration lecturer John Kilburn, where they visited rural villages and met with health education experts for cultural adaptation of an educational animated video detailing the risks of biomass smoke for communities in rural Uganda.

This was shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2020

Kupumua Lung Health project

A partnership project between the University of Plymouth and Makerere University in Uganda.

The project aims to bring together medicine, art, music and dance to educate, treat, and develop capacity and capability in Uganda.

Dr Rupert Jones gives further details on the project in this video.

Pulmonary rehabilitation in Kyrgyzstan

See how experts from the University of Plymouth are helping to combat the increasing epidemic of lung disease caused by polluted air, tobacco use and indoor and outdoor pollution in Kyrgyzstan, under the FRESH AIR project.
Across the world, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), drug-resistant tuberculosis and pneumonia are major causes of permanent lung damage, which is leading to a high mortality rate in many poor countries.
Through pulmonary rehabilitation, which includes exercise programmes, music, dance and collaborative projects, people are beginning to better understand and overcome their lung-related health issues.
Akimovich Sagymbaev: Director of the Krygyz Research Institute of Balneology
and Recovery Treatment. Image: Carey Marks

The Breathe Again Africa Project

Through a crowdfunded project, we raised over £10,000 to build a pulmonary rehabilitation centre in Kampala to treat people with chronic lung disease without using drugs.

Preventing Lung Disease in Rural Uganda – A Train the Trainer Programme

“I think the most important thing is that they should be owner of their problem and understand their problem, awareness and look for a solution and we will help them.” – Dr Frederik van Gemert

Download education material developed

Pulmonary rehabilitation in Uganda

“Our patients are very excited about the programme, they love it so much, especially after the improvements they have seen in the first few sessions. They don’t want to stop, they want to continue coming and they are feeling so much better.” – Dr Wincey Katagira

The preceding pilot study and this film were funded by the International Primary Care Respiratory Group.