Participation in Everyday Life Research Group

Participation: What is it? 


  • is ‘involvement in a life situation’ (WHO, 2001)
  • occurs when an individual and/or a community is involved in activities, which provide a sense of engagement, within the context of their everyday life
  • is a process as well as an outcome measure (Imms, 2017)
  • is a health and well-being outcome
  • is concerned with people, their occupations within their cultural, economic, physical, political and social environment.

Research Group Leader

  • Dr Karen Beaulieu, Programme Lead MSc Advanced Professional Practice in Occupational Therapy, University of Plymouth. Extensive professional background specialising in Neuroscience and Leadership Learning and Teaching National Award Higher Education Academy

Professional Backgrounds of Research Group Membership 

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Dietitians
  • Nurses
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Open to all.

Research Group Activities

  • Regular PIEL meetings exploring a range of themes including grant application success and promoting research collaboration
  • For more information about PIEL and how to get involved contact: Dr Karen Beaulieu;
  • The members of PEIL are interested in fostering links with a wide range of partners from within health and social care but also with charitable organisations and industry.

International links

  • Professor Jacqueline Ackhurst, Rhodes University, South Africa (Honorary Professor)
  • Dr Clare Hocking, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand (Honorary Professor)
  • Dr Karen Jacobs, Boston University, United States of America (Honorary Professor)
  • Dr Rachel Teplicky, Can-Child Participation Team, McMaster University Canada (Webinar)
  • Occupational Science Europe, Miranda Cunningham (Committee Member)
  • Count-Me-In International Scientific Meeting 2016 host

Research interests include:

  • Food as a lifestyle motivator
  • Social Transformation
  • Arts-based community projects
  • Technology/Social Media Use
  • Primary care
  • Cultural Well-being
  • Trauma Informed Practice
  • Restorative Occupations
  • Outdoor activities for health and well-being
  • Dementia-friendly flying
  • Return to work following a brain injury
  • Older adults and successful aging

Research group expertise 

  • Qualitative Methodologies; interviews and focus groups
  • Qualitative Synthesis
  • Service users involvement in research
  • Realist research
  • Systematic Reviews/Scoping Reviews
  • Occupational Science

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Research Group Members

  • Associate Lecturer
    PIELGroup Leader Return to Work following Brain Injury Neuroscience
  • Associate Professor (Education)
    Inter-Professional PG Education Neuroscience Rehabilitation
  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy (Education)
    Homelessness Social Transformation Public Health Food-Based Occupations
  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy (Education)
    Clinical Leadership Employability
  • Lecturer in Global Health
    Global Health Sustainability Education
  • Professor of Leadership Nursing
    Knowledge Translation Clinical Decision-Making Workforce Issues Organ Donatio
  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
    Occupational Science Older Adults Healthy Aging Care Homes
  • Children’s Participation and Mainstream Schools Handwriting Visual Perception
  • Lecturer in Public Health Dietetics
    Food as a Lifestyle Motivator Creative Approaches to Food Research
  • Associate Head of School (Marketing and Admissions)
    Occupational Science Health Promotion Outdoor Adventure
  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy (Education)
    Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
    Dementia-Friendly Flying
  • Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning)
    Chiropractice Attitudes to Evidence-Based Practice Qualitative Research
  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
    Dementia, service user involvement in research
  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
    Outcome measures in practice
  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
    Amputee Rehabilitation
  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
    Health Promotion
  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy (Education)
    Restorative Occupations, Time Use
  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
    Trauma Informed Practice
  • Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
    Primary Care
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