Professor Aled Jones

Professor Aled Jones

Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery

School of Nursing and Midwifery (Faculty of Health)



Aled Jones is Professor of Patient Safety & Healthcare Quality and Head of School Nursing and Midwifery. He is an international expert on patient safety and healthcare quality, implementation science and leading research exploring the interface between workforce deployment, workplace culture, patient safety and staff wellbeing. Aled is also a Non Executive Director at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust.


PhD (Health Sciences), University of Wales

Bachelor of Nursing, RN (Adult), RMN (Cardiff University)

Roles on external bodies

Expert Advisor and contributor to the United Nations (ODC) Guidance on Speaking Up in Healthcare see here

Advisor to Welsh Government Speak Up safely working group

Oversight group member - Listen2Baby - Improving monitoring of the baby during uncomplicated labour: a study using experience-based co-design see here



Research interests

I use qualitative and mixed-methods research to better understand the realities of delivering patient safety and healthcare quality in complex healthcare systems. I have published and presented widely on the implementation and evaluation of patient safety and care quality initiatives, particularly focusing on healthcare workforce and workplace culture and have been successful in obtaining research funding in these areas. I currently supervise PhD students and collaborate with other researchers within these fields researching the NHS and social care in the UK and internationally.

My research feeds directly into teaching and learning and have informed University, NHS policy and international guidance to support staff to raise and respond to patient safety concerns.

A common thread in my research activities is implementation science and the quality and safety of healthcare delivery. Collaborators include universities of Surrey, KCL, Imperial College, Birmingham, Manchester, Campinas/Sao Paulo and Hong Kong.

2023-2026 NIHR HS&DR Factors influencing the implementation of the Midwifery Continuity of Carer (MCoC) model of care in England: a mixed method cross-case analysis (SIMCA study)

2022–2025 NIHR HS&DR. Crisis care for children and young people with mental health problems: national mapping, models of delivery, sustainability and experience (CAMH-Crisis2).

2021–2023 NIHR HS&DR. Strategies to address unprofessional behaviours among staff in acute healthcare settings: a realist review.

2018–2023 NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme. Quality-Assured Follow up of quiEscent Neovascular agE-relaTed maculaR dEgeneration by non-medical practitioners: a randomised controlled trial. The FENETRE study.

2019–2023 Royal College of Nursing Foundation. “Inside the Black Box”: An Ethnographic Examination of Nurses’ Professional Judgement in Nurse Staffing Systems in England and Wales.

2018–2022 NIHR HS&DR. Evaluation of the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Initiative in Acute and Mental Health Trusts in NHS England.



Key publications

Key publications are highlighted

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