Mr Frazer Underwood

Mr Frazer Underwood

Honorary Clinical Fellow

School of Nursing and Midwifery (Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences)


Consultant Nurse - Older People / Associate Chief Nurse - Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust
Honorary Clinical Fellow - University of Plymouth and Joint Director of the RCHT Clinical School


Registered Nurse

MA Applied Health Studies (Research)

Frazer Underwood holds the position, at Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust, of Consultant Nursefor Older People and is Associate Chief Nurse. He has passionately progressed aclinical nursing and academic career in rehabilitation nursing and olderpeoples care and more recently in frailty care. His current role balances a clinical commitment to new inpatientfrailty assessment and support services in the Trust, alongside a range ofsenior corporate leadership roles that includes: leading the Trust’s patient andfamily experience team; he is clinical and strategic lead for dementia care atthe Trust; and he heads up the progressive work of the Trust’s Clinical Schoolprogramme in partnership with the University of Plymouth’s School of Nursingand Midwifery.

Professional membership

Royal College of Nursing
British Geriatric Society - Vice Chair of the Nurse and AHP Council

Higher Education Academy – Associate Fellow

Roles on external bodies

Core Centre Member of The University of Plymouth Centre for Innovations in Health and Social Care: A Joanna Briggs Institute Centre of Excellence

Research interests

Frazer has an honorary appointment as Clinical Fellow with the University of Plymouthand following a regional academic internship award, he is now a PhD Candidate studyingpart-time with the University. His research is exploring the meaning andunderstanding of ‘confidence’ in older people living with frailty and the implicationsfor practice.

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