Dr Frazer Underwood

Dr Frazer Underwood

Honorary Associate Clinical Professor

School of Nursing and Midwifery (Faculty of Health)



Honorary Associate Clinical Professor - University of Plymouth and Joint Director of the South West Clinical School in Cornwall

Associate Clinical Professor in Integrated Services for Older People (Honorary) / Consultant Nurse and Associate Director of Nursing for Research, Improvement and Innovation - Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

NIHR 70@70 Senior Nurse and Midwife Research Leader


PhD Applied Health Research

MA Applied Health Studies (Research) 

Registered Nurse 

Independent Nurse Prescriber


I have an amazing job working as an Associate Clinical Professor and Consultant Nurse in Integrated Services for Older People at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust. 

My honorary appointment with the University of Plymouth supports my NIHR 70@70 Senior Nurse and Midwife Research Leadership role. 

I have passionately progressed a clinical nursing and academic career in rehabilitation nursing and older peoples care. My Consultant Nurse role focuses on frailty care and pathway improvements, and complex discharge planning. 

I am Joint Director of the Trust’s South West Clinical School programme with Professor Jill Shawe. 

I am a trained Innovation Leader.

I completed in 2020 my PhD studies with the University of Plymouth exploring the concept of confidence experienced by older people living with frailty.


Professional membership

Royal College of Nursing

British Geriatric Society

Higher Education Academy – Associate Fellow

Roles on external bodies

Deputy Director of The University of Plymouth Centre for Innovations in Health and Social Care: A Joanna Briggs Institute Centre of Excellence

British Geriatric Society - Vice Chair of the Nurse and AHP Council



Teaching interests

Older people and frailty care

Rehabilitation nursing

Leadership and change management 

Innovation in healthcare

Qualitative research methodology



Research interests

Following a regional NIHR academic internship award, he is a PhD studying part-time with the University. His research is exploring the meaning and understanding of ‘confidence’ in older people living with frailty and the implicationsfor practice.

I was successfully awarded a place on the NIHR 70@70 Senior Nurse and Midwife Research Leader programme, in May 2019 for three years. I am committed to the growth of clinical academic opportunities for the non-medical workforce and increasing access for our patient to research study participation.

My research interests are in: older peoples care, intermediate care, rehabilitation nursing and patient experience.

Qualitative Methods that include: qualitative systematic reviews, concept analysis, interpretive phenomenology, and method triangulation.




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Other Publications

Underwood, F. (2020) The concept of confidence of older people living with frailty and implications for practice. PhD thesis. University of Plymouth. Available at: https://pearl.plymouth.ac.uk/handle/10026.1/16211