Professor Patricia Schofield

Professor Patricia Schofield

Professor in Clinical Nursing

School of Nursing and Midwifery (Faculty of Health)

Professor Patricia Schofield can be contacted through arrangement with our Press Office, to speak to the media on these areas of expertise.
  • eHealth
  • Nursing
  • Health services
  • Ageing
  • Dementia
  • Mixed-methods
  • Participatory action research
  • Qualitative research
  • Systematic reviews


I am a registered general nurse. I have worked in academia since 1992 in a number of institutions around the UK including Sheffield, Aberdeen, Greenwich and Anglia Ruskin. I have maintained my clinical expertise in a number of ways including acting in the role as governor for Medway Foundation Trust, more recently as a vaccinator on the COVID programme for Dorset health and as a member of a number of pensioner forums including Chelsea and Westminster and Lewisham and a steering group member for Positive Ageing in London. I am recognised in the field of Pain and Ageing and was invited to co-chair the Global year against pain in the vulnerable population and chaired the European Year against pain in the vulnerable population. I have recently been awarded a distinguished award for my contribution to the field of pain and ageing by the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). I am a member of the examination board for the European Diploma in Pain Medicine and on the curriculum development team for the European Diploma in Pain Nursing. I have been awarded an honorary Diploma in Pain Medicine in recognition of my contribution. I am an honorary Professor at Abertay University and Sheffield Hallam University.

I am currently recruiting PhD students in the following areas:

Pain and frailty - exploring frailty amongst the older population in the post COVID world.

Dental Pain in Care homes - identifying and managing dental pain in nursing home residents

Self-management of pain using technology with older adults

Opioid use in older adults with chronic pain

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these specific topics or pain and ageing/dementia


Registered General Nurse (RGN)

Diploma in Nursing

Post-Graduate Diploma in Education

Doctor of Philosophy 

Honorary Diploma in Pain Medicine

Professional membership

International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)

European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC)



Teaching interests

I have taught on a number of programmes including pre-registration nursing, masters level and doctoral level. I developed the first pain course for nurses in the UK which I facilitated whilst working at Sheffield University and I developed the curriculum for the professional doctorate in Sheffield which I facilitated for four years. I have facilitated online research modules for the MA Education and MA Management. I have successfully supervised to completion one professional doctorate student and 6 PhD students in my field of interest and I have examined 18 PhD students across the UK, Australia and Hong Kong.



Research interests

My research falls into two key areas, primarily under the heading of pain. I have been involved in work around pain and dementia which includes dental pain and pain assessment. The latter was a COST collaboration with 27 EU countries which involved the development of a pain assessment tool specifically for adults with dementia. I led on the nursing work group which involved a cross EU survey of nursing practice and implementation of national guidelines. The second area of work included and MRC funded programme in the LLHW agenda on which I was co-lead. This 4 year programme examined the self-management of chronic pain amongst the older population and included surveys, interviews and case studies involving older adults and health care professionals. I also led on the development of a systematic review with a group of older adults which resulted in the development of self management tools and a "how to find self help support" booklet which is being implemented across the UK. On completion of this programme of work I received funding from SBRI to explore the feasibility of using the self-help information incorporated within Chatbot technology. A collaboration with a number of SMEs. Other areas of work include collaboration with UNMASS on their Boston MOBILISE study and collaboration with CORNELL on the use of technology for pain management in the older population. I have collaborations across the UK with Sheffield, Napier, Greenwich and Teesside. I am currently a co-applicant on an HS & DR grant exploring pain and frailty. In total, I have been awarded over £1 3/4 million of research income in the last ten years, I have been an invited plenary speaker in over 100 international conferences including World Pain Conferences, European Pain conferences, International Association for Geriatrics and Gerontology and British Geriatric Society. I have published over 200 papers in peer reviewed journals and 15 books or book chapters including National Guidelines for both the assessment of pain in older adults and the management of pain in older adults.

Other research

I have received funding through HEIF, South London Innovation fund, AHSN and KSS LETB for a number of projects:

Using technology to interact with older adults: An evaluation of speak set. ECC 

Working with Service users developing a curriculum on self – management for service users. South London Innovation Fund.

Evaluation of the use of the iPhone pain assessment application for use in clinical practice KSS AHSN 

Evaluation of at least 3 different models of delivery of PEACE – Proactive Elderly Person’s Advisory Care Planning Tool across Kent, Surrey and Sussex. KSS AHSN 

Capacity Building. KSS LETB 

Dementia Challenge EKCHT

End of Life care in Dementia Medway Community Enterprise 

Capacity Building. MFT 

Training staff to assess and manage pain for people living with dementia in south London by improving the knowledge skills and attitudes of staff who work with older adults experiencing dementia. (HIEC)

FLO’s story (Facebook online learning) HEA 

Research degrees awarded to supervised students

The impact of empowerment and job satisfaction and organizational commitment – A comparison of Malaysian & British Nurses. (DMedSci)

Ethnicity in Care Homes (PhD)

Education for health professionals on self management of pain for older adults (PhD) MRC Funded

Exploring every day functioning in older people with chronic pain, using technology (PhD) MRC Funded.

Pain in Older people – Self Management, a concept analysis (Siddall Scholarship)

Older peoples' perspectives of the varied qualities of chronic pain support groups (PhD)


The association between musculo-skeletal pain and physical activity, falls and psychological concerns related to falls in community dwelling older adults. (PhD)

Grants & contracts


PEARN - Dental Pain & Dementia

Opioid use in postoperative pain (POPPY PO)

2021 - ongoing Developing the evidence and associated service model to support older people living with frailty to manage their pain and to reduce its impact on their lives: a mixed method, co-design study £483K (Co-applicant).

Use of the chat-bot for the self-management of pain in older adults. SBRI (£94)

Engaging with Older Adults in Developing Strategies for the Management of Chronic pain EOPIC (LLHW) (£1.2m)

Stress in Nursing Tasks (Chief Scientist Office) £212.185

New technologies to support older people at home: maximising personal and social interaction Digital Economy Hub £92,569

Chronic pain management for older adults living in the community ESRC £11,799

Pain Self –Management in Older Adults – A concept Analysis – Siddall £73,000

Pain Assessment in Patients with Impaired Cognition, especially Dementia COST Collaborative €600,000



Reports & invited lectures

Selected Lectures since 2014

2020 Pain & Ageing: Pharmacological Management Invited Plenary Speaker European Pain Summit

2020 Pain & Ageing: Clinical updates Invited Plenary Speaker European Pain Summit

2020 Pain & Ageing: Assessment & Management Invited Plenary Speaker. Royal Society of Medicine

2019 Assessment & Management of Pain in Older Adults. Invited Plenary Speaker. Irish Pain Society. Dublin

2019 Pain assessment and management. Invited Plenary Speaker. EFIC Valencia

2018 Technology and Pain management in the older population. International Association for the Study of Pain. Boston. Invited Plenary speaker

2017 Falls in the older population. IAGG San Francisco Invited Plenary speaker.

2016 Management of pain in older adults. EUGMS Lisbon. Invited Plenary speaker

2016 Pain & Ageing – Royal Society of Medicine Invited Plenary Speaker

2016 Pain assessment and management in older adults. European Association of Anaesthesiology. Invited Plenary Speaker & Workshop

2014 Pain Self Management for Older Adults – World Pain Congress Buenos Aires. Invited Plenary Speaker

2014 Pain from Epidemiology to management - World Pain Congress Buenos Aires. Invited Plenary Speaker

2014 Pain in Older Adults RCGP London Invited Plenary Speaker

2014 Assessment and Management of Pain in Older Adults Stormont Invited Plenary Speaker

Other academic activities


1.   Member of European Diploma in Pain Medicine Examination board

2.   Member of European Diploma in Pain Nursing curriculum development group

3.   Reviewer for the Australian initiative around pain in care homes.

4.   Invited to co-chair the Global year against vulnerable populations and chair the European year against vulnerable populations (2019)

5.   Invited to develop the international curriculum on pain medicine (ageing section)

6.   Elected as chair of the education subcommittee for the International Association for the Study of Pain – SIG on Older people.

7.   Associate Editor to the European Journal of Pain, Journal of Pain Management and on the editorial board of the Journal of Community Nursing. I am also co-editor on the International Journal of Child Health & Human Development and the Journal of Pain Management.


1.   Invited member of ESRC Peer Review College

2.   Chair & Founder member of Special Interest Group on pain in older people as part of the British Pain Society.

3.   Represented the British Pain Society in collaborating with the British Geriatric Society on the development of guidelines for the assessment of pain in older people and the management of pain in older people.

4.   Past member of the Advisory Committee for topic selection (ACTS) which advises the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) upon topics for appraisal based upon my clinical experience and I have been involved in the development of guidelines for the management of neuropathic pain. (DoH) 2004-2007

5.   I carry out peer reviews on behalf of NIHR (RfPB), MRC, NIHR, HTA

6.   Honorary Secretary to the BPS 2009 - 2012

7.   Past joint chair of the education committee for the Pain Society which is responsible for the development of multidisciplinary education in pain across the UK and I have been a member of the scientific committee which judges research proposals and poster submissions for the ASM.

8.   Reviewer within my field for the British Journal of Nursing, The Journal of Advanced Nursing and the European Journal of Pain, International journal of nursing older people and Palgrave publishing

9.   Member of the International Association for the study of pain and the Pain Society of Great Britain and Ireland and founder member and chair of the UK Acute Pain Network.

Additional information

Selected Past Publications since 2014

Books and chapters

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Peer reviewed publications

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