Call for proposals 2021

Take part in the ESRC's Festival of Social Science 

An exciting opportunity to talk about your Social Science Research.

As part of the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) annual Festival of Social Science, we are inviting proposals to host an event at this year's Festival.

The Festival will take place over one month (1–30 November). 

This year's Festival will tie in with COP26 to include a festival strand connecting the audience and aims of the festival to an environment and climate change theme. Events must be aimed at public audiences and young people. At least 40% of FoSS events overall will be on an environmental theme. Our selection criteria will consider:


°    Topics selected to be of interest to public audiences/young people

°    Environment theme can include non-climate-change topics (e.g. the relationship between wellbeing and green spaces)

°    Focus where possible on inspiring action (e.g. what can be done to improve our environment and reduce climate change)

°    Include where possible individual or local changes that can make a difference with respect to climate change, or relatable stories about individuals and climate change from around the world

°    Strong economics/social science element but with the potential to include events led by or run in collaboration with, researchers from other disciplines.



Applications are now open

Applicants are requested to complete the application form. Deadline for submissions is 9 August 2021. Eligibility criteria, themes and allowable costs are all described in the application guidance.

Please contact for any questions about the event, using the subject heading 'ESRC Social Science Social' when corresponding. We look forward to hearing from you.