Understanding symptoms of functional problems during your COVID-19 recovery

Discover nutritional information and resources to help understand and improve the symptoms of functional problems related to COVID-19

Functional problems

Symptoms of functional problems

  • Impact on a patient’s ability to undertake normal activities of daily living, such as shopping and cooking, self-care, mobility.

What do these symptoms have to do with my diet?

  • Many activities of daily living can lead to changes in your eating habits, such as ability to shop or cook.
  • On the other hand, your ability to carry out normal daily activities may be affected if your diet is not healthy. You may lack energy or motivation to do things you would normally do.


Chartered Society of Physiotherapy have advice on pacing, motivation, exercises and other resources.

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists provides information on many daily activities from washing and dressing to cooking and shopping.

The Swansea Bay University Health Board has a Covid and Long Covid recovery – therapy information pack which provides ideas for moving and exercise.

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