COVID-19 recovery and your diet

Welcome to the knowledge hub. This section is designed for people recovering from COVID-19 infection and the people caring for them.

The information in this section may be helpful to you or the people that care for you, such as your family and friends. It is for anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms and feels that they are still not better.

Making changes to your diet is not a substitute for the COVID-19 vaccine, or for professional advice and treatment. 

Although the hub provides information based on research, it does not replace personalised advice from a dietitian or other registered nutritional expert.

Nutrition and COVID-19 recovery

Eating the right diet is crucial to keep well physically and mentally. A key part of recovery from COVID-19 is to make sure your diet is healthy. This series of talks aimed to answer questions on what to eat and why. We also looked at how to check and manage your diet and health.

  • Is there an anti-inflammatory diet?
  • Is there a link between food and my symptoms?
  • Psychological wellbeing and communication with healthcare professionals
  • Diet and COVID
  • Q&A panel with all our experts

Watch the Nutrition and COVID-19 recovery talks