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Plymouth Ocean Forecasting Centre (POFC) is an international centre of expertise in ocean modelling. 

We deliver computer simulations of ocean state both for the past (hindcast) and the future (forecast), which have a wide range of applications in operational oceanography. 

We provide a fully integrated end-to-end solution from data collection, research, model development and configuration to end-user training. We work globally and have created regional ocean models for the Arabian Sea (including the Gulf), the western Arctic Ocean, the Black and Celtic Seas.

Latest news

Plans to build world’s deepest pool in Cornwall to train astronauts

Blue Abyss has applied for permission to build a £150m centre with a pool that will reach depths of 50m. The site is expected to provide exciting opportunities for marine researchers at the University of Plymouth.

"We are looking forward to engaging with Blue Abyss to expand and contribute to the opportunities in marine autonomy, marine renewable energy, and digital twins for marine applications, robotics and autonomous systems" – Dr Sanjay Sharma, head of the Autonomous Marine Systems Research Group

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Plymouth Ocean Forecasting Centre awarded internal Global Challenges Research Funding

The Plymouth Ocean Forecasting Centre (POFC) is working towards the development of a Marine Monitoring and Forecasting System (MaMoFS) to support the sustainability of deep sea fisheries in the Indian Ocean.

This pump-priming and capacity building project will form strong foundations for Indian and Sri Lankan partners to establish a locally-managed operational centre to run MaMoFS. The future MaMoFS will be based on a combination of high resolution environmental modelling, biogeochemical observations, methods of Artificial Intelligence and other solutions developed during previous research projects including MyOcean and UAE-Ocean.

Starting in August 2020, the project provides opportunities for scientists from DAC nations to develop working partnerships with UK leaders in multidisciplinary marine research (UoP, Cefas, PML) through international workshops and the employment of two researchers. The consortium will identify a framework for MaMoFS to respond to fisheries management challenges in the Central Indian Ocean.

Ultimately, the vision is to foster a local nucleus of expertise and a research base in environmental monitoring and fisheries management with the capacity to predict physical conditions influencing the spatial and temporal dynamics – and, therefore, the sustainable harvesting – of key fish stocks in a cost-efficient way.

These issues will be discussed in the online workshop taking place on 24 February and 3 March 2021.

Project PI is Dr Sanjay Sharma, Co-PI's are Professor Georgy Shapiro and Dr Benjamin Ciotti.

Forming partnerships in India and Sri Lanka with key international stakeholders in 2018

Forming partnerships in India and Sri Lanka with key international stakeholders in 2018

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