Socio-economics of Decarbonisation
Action needs to be taken across all sectors of the economy if we are to reach current emissions reduction targets and create a climate compatible economy. Decarbonising the economy requires effective and low-cost solutions that also uphold the concepts of climate justice and just transition. 
The transition to a carbon-neutral economy will require transformational change and ongoing research into emission-free or carbon-neutral technologies, including decarbonisation of the electricity sector through renewable or zero-carbon energy technologies and large-scale electrification of the economy. 
Parallel research is needed to meet the challenges of energy consumption across industry, transport, and people’s everyday lives. This will include understanding the complexities of a local-to-global zero-carbon economic system and its impacts on society. 
Multi-disciplinary research through the Centre for Decarbonisation and Offshore Renewable Energy (C-DORE) will work to tackle these challenges to enable moves towards a de-carbonised, competitive and fairer economy. 

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