United States of America

We've tried to provide all the information you will need if you are thinking about coming to study at the University of Plymouth from the United States of America. If you need to know anything else, you can contact our team using the details below.


Whilst these will vary according to the course, the University of Plymouth typically welcomes applicants to undergraduate courses with US high school diplomas with a combination of: AP at grade 3, 4 or 5 (usually three subjects relevant to the course), SAT circa 1250, ACT circa 26, SAT subjects (three relevant subjects circa 550). 


To apply for our postgraduate courses (second degrees) from the USA, you'll need a good (3.0/4.0 min GPA) undergraduate degree in a relevant subject from a regionally-accredited American university. 

Mayflower Scholarship

Available for US students in recognition of Plymouth’s historic ties with the USA, we are pleased to announce that US citizens who join us in 2020 and 2021 will be eligible for a £1,620 discount off their international tuition fees. * Subject to course of study.